updated 2008-10-11

Here are maps showing where the Rigsbys lived for each of the census years.
Note: unfortunately, the individual states are not to the same scale.

I'm still trying to come up with a good way to indicate exactly which Rigsby branch is living where.

For a complete listing of the census entries, see my Annotated Rigsby Census.

Rigsby Census 1790
Undoubtedly there were Rigsbys in other counties in Virginia, but the 1790 census for VA is lost. From tax records I know there was a family in Goochland Co.
Note: One of the three early Rigsby immigrants arrived in Henrico Co VA.

Rigsby Census 1800
Again, the 1800 census is lost for VA, but tax records show a Rigsby family in Chesterfield Co.
There is supposed to be a Rigsby family in Georgia, but that state is also missing for 1800.

Rigsby Census 1810
The 1810 census for VA is extant, but no Rigsbys are listed.
There should be a few Rigsby families in GA, but again that state's listings are lost.
There might be a Rigsby family in Washington DC, but its listings also are lost.
There is supposed to be a Rigsby in Washington Co TN, but I can't find him.

Rigsby Census 1820
For the 1820 census, Wake Co NC is missing, but I know there were at least 9 Rigsby families there.
Also missing is East Tennessee (about 20 counties), probably containing some Rigsbys.
About half the Alabama counties are missing, and all of AR, MO, and NJ, but I think no Rigsbys were missed in any of those states.

Rigsby Census 1830

Rigsby Census 1840

Rigsby Census 1850
Obviously I left out a big horizontal gap between California and the rest of the states.

Rigsby Census 1860

Rigsby Census 1870
I really had to squeeze to get Nevada and Colorado in there.

Rigsby Census 1880

Rigsby Census 1900