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The inevitable page full of links



My favorite groups:
50s: Miles Davis
60s: The Beatles
70s: King Crimson
80s: New Order
90s: Jah Wobble
00s: Leggo Beast, probably
10s: Tycho, maybe

My most recent music purchase:
Cafe Tacuba - Jei Beibi
Explosions in the Sky - The Wilderness
Oscar Peterson - We Get Requests
The Thrillseekers - Escape

My choice for the 10 Best Albums of 2017:
Minus the Bear - Voids
Rapoon - Un Flic
A F I - A F I (the blood album)
Do Make Say Think - Stubborn Persistent Illusions
Erik Wllo - Different Spaces
Corner Suns
Cafe Tacuba - Jei Beibi

For some album recommendations, and a lot of music links, see my page of
10 Best Albums of Various Years.

I listen to 91X.
Sometimes I listen to or Radio Paradise.

Here's a whole lot of info about Prog Rock:
The Gibraltar Encyclopedia of Progressive Rock
and here's a lot of info about Techno, etc: Hyperreal
and let's not forget The Ultimate Band List

The Ectophiles Guide to Good Music has good commentary on lots of music.


Mandelbrot picture The Art of Math

Function Visualizations from Mathematica
Fractint Homepage -- An awesome fractals program
A Gallery of Interactive On-Line Geometry -- this is fun
Artificial Life



Siro-A -- amazing choreography / projections / techno / humor - watch on YouTube
Kaleidoscope Painter -- this is amazing
Wallace and Gromit -- great animation
WaxWeb -- this is very weird
The Glass Gallery -- awesome glass art
The Museum of Online Museums -- odd and interesting collections


Comic Strips

Arlo and Janis
Big Nate
Bug Martini
Jump Start
Madam and Eve
Pogo -- possibly the best ex-comic strip
Sherman's Lagoon
Sluggy Freelance
Smokey Stover -- a classic from the past
Stone Soup

Comics I Don't Understand



Live feed from Space Station
Astronomy Picture of the Day
Heavens Above -- custom real-time charts for satellites, planets, etc.
Challenger Center
The Planetary Society
The Hubble Heritage Project Gallery
Views of the Solar System
Kennedy Space Center



A Virtual Space Time Travel Machine
Reuben H Fleet Science Center from San Diego, California, USA
Exploratorium Home Page from San Francisco, California, USA
University of California Museum of Paleontology Public Exhibits
WebElements Periodic Table of the Elements
On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences (Look-Up)
The Winds of Earth


Travel and Maps

US National Parks
Virtual Palenque
California State Parks
New Mexico by Philip Greenspun
Viva New Mexico
Historical Atlas of the 20th Century
PCL Map Collection


Daily Stuff

A Word A Day (weekdays)
Today in History



The Food Network
Pop Soda -- unusual and regional sodas
The Soda Jerks
The Kitchen Link - What's Cooking on the Net
Food Gawker
Root Beer World
Madame Fromage


Other Stuff

variations of 2048
Book finder
An interesting page on internet privacy
Math Puzzles
Urban Legends Debunked
The Nature Conservancy
The Library Spot
How Stuff Works
The Libertarian Party
Dr Bronner's Magic Soap
Everything you ever wanted to know about crayolas


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