Lemach Rigsbee Genealogy

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Born: 1850-11-20 Schuyler Co, Illinois USA
Died: 1927-02-05 DuPage Co, Illinois USA
1. 1880-04-07 Flora Ellen Burton

Children of Lemach Rigsbee and Flora Burton:
Elmer Collian Rigsbee b. 1883-10-27
Harry Burton Rigsbee b. 1886-08-08
Lee Elnola Rigsbee b. 1890-03-00
Everett Lawrence Rigsbee b. 1893-01-29



married in Schuyler Co IL
buried in Downer's Grove cemetery, DuPage Co IL, according to DuPage Co Genealogical Society
A descendant says he is probably buried in Scott's cemetery. There is a stone there for L T Rigsbee and wife Flora Ellen.

They had two other children who died as infants.

birth date from this RootsWeb entry

He was a farmer.

Here is an 1894 map of Sangamon Co IL showing land owned by L T Rigsbee.
That must be this Lemach, though he lived in Schuyler Co, a couple of counties away.

1920 census Hancock Co IL p248a
Lemuel Rigsbee 69 IL/NC/TN
wife Flora E 64 IN/OH/TN

1910 census Schuyler Co IL p25a
Lemach Rigbee 59 IL/NC/TN
wife Flora 54 IL/OH/TN
dau Nola 20 IL
son Everett 17 IL

1900 census Schuyler Co IL p68b
Lemick Rigsbee 49 1850-11 IL/SC/TN
wife Sara C 44 1855-12 6/4 IL/OH/TN
son Elmer C 16 1883-10 IL
son Harry B 13 1886-08 IL
dau Nola L 10 1890-03 IL
son Everett 7 1893-01 IL

1880 Agricultural Census Schuyler Co IL
Lemick Rigsbee -- 78 acres improved, 11 acres unimproved woodland, 80 acres other unimproved;
3 mules, (rest illegible)

1880 census Schuyler Co IL p332d
Lemick Rigsbee 29 IL/NC/NC
wife Flora 24 IL/OH/TN

Hinds Site: Genealogy of Ken Hinds -- page 13411
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