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This is my direct ancestor 9 generations back.

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John III Mallonee |
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Born: about 1728-00-00 Baltimore Co, Maryland USA
Died: 1783-08-02 Baltimore Co, Maryland USA
1. 1748-11-08 Edith Cole

Children of John Mallonee and Edith Cole:
*John T Mallonee b. about 1755-00-00


married Edith in Baltimore Co MD
also married Rebecca Brown

buried in St Johns Parish churchyard, Baltimore Co MD

The Mallonee name is a variation of the French name Molyneaux.
This line is supposed to have emigrated from France to England in the 16th century, and then this John's father from Lancashire to America.

from this RootsWeb entry:

Bequests in Will of John Mallonee
To Son Leonard, a black doon young mare
To son William, her first colt
To son James, a young bay mare
To son Thomas, her first colt
To wife Rebecca Mallonee, remainder of estate
To be equally divided between all the children upon her death

The DAR Patriot Index states he was a private in the Revolutionary War.
The inventory of his estate was taken by John Mallonee and Dennis Mallonee.
This RootsWeb entry gives his parents as Peter Mallonee 1705 ENG d 1749 ENG + Sarah Gill. I don't see how John could be born in MD if his father never left England. (Or did Peter return to England after living in the colonies?)

Baltimore County Families 1659 - 1759
says that Peter was in Baltimore Co by 1724-08-xx when he was ordered to receive his freedom dues.
It implies Peter died in Baltimore Co but doesn't explicitly say so.

Another researcher sends:
A newspaper article published by the Baltimore Sun on Sunday, May 7th, 1905 states that John Mallonee came from France to America in the eighteenth century and married Edith Cole. Children of this union are
Thomas,James,William and Leonard.
It also gives approximate dates of arrivals in Maryland of families that intermarried with the Sewells. It states that John Mallonee arrived in MD 1720.

Son Leonard 1763-02-27 d 1854-09-01 AA Co MD married 1791-01-18 Achsah Sewell 1768-08-11 AA Co MD d 1859-02-02
Son William Harrison 1756 Baltimore Co MD d 1809 Jefferson Co OH married Sarah Johnson

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