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This is my direct ancestor 8 generations back.

 / James McCullough
 / John McCullough|
|  \ Elizabeth (unknown)
John McCullough |
|  /
 \ |

Born: 1755-01-00
Died: 1823-06-15 Ripley Co, Indiana USA
1. 1787-12-10 Constant Kesiah Jones

Children of John McCullough and Constant Jones:
John Jones McCullough b. 1789-00-00
David M McCullough b. 1790-11-13
Jane McCullough b. 1792-00-00
*Kesia McCullough b. about 1794-00-00
William McCullough b. 1795-00-00
Katherine McCullough b. 1798-00-00
James McCullough b. 1800-00-00
George Washington McCullough b. 1802-00-00
Joseph H McCullough b. 1804-00-00
Mary McCullough b. about 1806-00-00
Samuel McCullough b. about 1807-00-00
Cynthia McCullough b. about 1808-00-00
Anna McCullough b. 1810-00-00


from LDS site (1C3W-JK3):
birth date, place; death date, place; father; marriage date in Harrodsburg, KY territory
(They show him as John Sr, even though they have his father as John.)
LDS site says he was born in PA, which seems pretty unlikely. NC is much more likely.
children from LDS site and RootsWeb
This page has some information
He was a soldier in the North Carolina troops during the Revolutionary War. See notes for his wife.
In the DAR database he is number A032513.

from RootsWeb:

John McCullough went to Kentucky soon after the end of the Revolutionary War, appearing on a tax list for Fayette County in 1790, Bourbon County in 1793 and 1795, Clark County in 1796 and Montgomery County in 1797. In 1793 he bought 230 acres in Mercer County on Harrods Landing Run and in February 1795 acquired an additional 10.

Ellen Layton references an article written by a grandson of James McCullough, Simeon McCullough Jr, that reads: "Our grandfather's name was James McCullough. There were two other sons, one named John and the other William...Shortly after the opening of the Revolutionary War these three brothers enlisted in the Colonial Army, James and John serving the entire eight years, William was killed at Brandywine. The surviving brothers...emigrated to Montgomery Co., KY. John soon settled in Ripley Co., Ind...that he was held in high esteem is evidenced by the fact that nearly one thousand people attended his funeral. He was buried with honors of war, the United States flag suspended crossed over his body and a military salute, fired by old Revolutionary comrades over the grave." This account was from his boyhood memory of a visit from his grandfather and oral history from his father.

John McCullough bought 228 acres of land in Montgomery Co., KY in 1802. He was listed on the Tax Roll with this acreage through 1816. In 1816-1817 he is listed with livestock. At the Jeffersonville Land Office, David McCullough, son of John, bought land on two occasions; 11 Feb, 1816 and 12 Sep, 1816. This land was near Haney's Corner post office as viewed on a late 19th century atlas of Ripley County, Indiana. In the Jefferson Co., IN 1850 census Constant McCullough is living in the home of Jeremiah and Keziah McCullough Sallyers, her daughter and son-in-law.

In another account of John McCullough's war service given by his grandson, Samuel Clinton McCullough, son of John Jr. and Sarah Morgan:
On Feb 8, 1777 he fought in Captain Cole's 4th regiment. He served in the battle of the River Reason where he was pierced through the body with a bayonet. He recovered to be present at the storming of Stoney Point, New York on 15 July 1779 where he received a similar wound through the hip. 1300 Continental soldiers with unloaded muskets overwhelmed 700 British soldiers in a silent nightime attack. He recovered from his wound and lived to receive his honorable discharge with his comrades. He re-enlisted at Charleston, South Carolina where he met with an accident which cost him his thumb. He was engaged in battle at the last siege of Charleston. This battle lasted from March to May of 1780, in which General Washington's troops were surrounded by 14,000 British. The town was surrendered and the prisoners of war placed on parole, as long as they never fought the British again.
came to IN from KY about 1818
1820 census Ripley Co IN p73, twp not given
John McCullough 1 M 16-18, 2 M 16-26, 1 M 26-45, 1 M 45+, 1 F 0-10, 1 F 10-16,1 F 45+
[(Samuel 13?), probably Joseph 16 and George 18, David 29 or John 31, John 65, Anna 10, Cynthia 12 or Mary 14, Constant 50]

On page 72 is Jeremiah Salyers, who married John's daughter Kesia.

1810 census Montgomery Co KY p363, twp not given
John McCuloe 2 M 0-10, 1 M 10-16, 2 M 16-26, 1 M 45+, 1 F 0-10, 1 F 10-16, 2 F 16-26, 1 F 26-45
[(Samuel 3, Joseph 6, George 8, James 10), William 15, David 19, John 21, John 55, (Cynthia 2, Mary 4), Katherine 12, (Kesia 16), Jane 18, Constant 40]

This must be my John, but the children don't quite match.

1800 census records for KY are missing.
1800-08-22 tax list Montgomery Co KY
John McCulloch

There is also a John McCullough on a tax list in Fleming Co, and one in Pulaski Co.

Hinds Site: Genealogy of Ken Hinds -- page 1975
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