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Born: (unknown)
Died: about 1805-00-00 Worcester Co, Maryland USA
1. (unknown) (unknown)

Children of Thomas Rigsby and (unknown) (unknown):
James Rigsby
Betty Rigsby



He was born between 1755 and 1774, probably closer to 1770.

I'm not positive he was a Rigsby. There were a lot of Rigby families in MD.

from This page has:
Orphans Court Records Transcripts
Worcester County, Maryland
February 1806-August 1810

85. Esme Purnell and Thomas D. Purnell have examined the real estate of Betsy Rigsby minor in the care
of Milby Purnell.

Report: That we found on a tract of land called SANDY POINT containing about 65 acres in which
there is about 4 or 5 acres in woods, one dwelling house 33 by 16 with brick gabled end with a chimney
in each end with a shingle roof weather boarded with log press? boards in bad repair, one sawed log
smoke house 10 ft. square in good repair, one old logged kitchen 15 ft. square in bad repair, one
hundred apple trees indifferent, 120 peach trees, 1 pear tree, 11 cherry trees, 2 plum trees, 40 panels of
_____ and railed fence, 610 panels of fence 7 logs high, we believe the annual value to be $20 per year,
the guardian allowed to tend 1/2 of orphans property annually: one lot of ground containing 15 acres
about nine acres of the same in woods adjoining Purnell Porter's land we found on the said land one
dwelling house 15 by 12 1/2 in good repair, one framed shop 10 feet square in good repair, one old
logged house 20 by 14 in bad repair, one old logged stable 15 by 12 in bad repair, 216 panels of fence
about 7 logs high, 14 small peach trees, we believe annual value of said lot to be worth $16 per year. The
said guardian is allowed to tend one half of the orphans property annually. One half of the annual value of
the above land for the use of Betsy Rigsby. 18 Feb. 1806.

196. James Rigsby orphan of Thomas Rigsby. Purnell Porter guardian.

1800 census Worcester Co MD p197
Thomas Rigsby 1 M <10, 1 M 26-45, 1 F 10-16, 2 F 26-45
[James, Thomas, Betty, x, wife]

1790 census Worcester Co MD p125
Thomas Rigby 1 M 16+, 2 F

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