Abraham North Genealogy

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This is my direct ancestor 10 generations back.

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Abraham North |
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Born: (unknown)
Died: (unknown)
1. Sarah Rowzie

Children of Abraham North and Sarah Rowzie:
*Elizabeth Oswald North


first or middle name John?
Ancestry.com board message 563 says he was born c1660 England.
married in Old Rappahannock Co VA?
There was a John North who arrived on the ship "Susan and Ellen" on 1635-04-16. He was c20 years old. He married Mary Bird, d/o Thomas Bird of Hartford and Hannah (Scott?). John North's will was probated 1662-08-10. John may have been born 1612-02-27 Kirtling, Cambridge ENG, son of Dudley North, and had a brother Roger.
It looks like that John North arrived in CT, so he may not be related to this Abraham. However, I have found many RootsWeb entries that say John II, s/o immigrant John, was born 1641 in Ipswich, Essex Co MA. John II is shown married to Sarah Boyce and Susannah Francis. Maybe my Abraham was a brother of John II?
from LDS site: birth date c1648, marriage date 1664 [as usual for LDS info, the dates are fabricated]
A lot of RootsWeb entries show this Abraham born 1725, and having a daughter Sarah 1761.
Something is obviously not right here.

Hinds Site: Genealogy of Ken Hinds -- page 233
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