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This is my direct ancestor 7 generations back.

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Born: about 1744-00-00 Caroline Co, Virginia USA
Died: 1817-04-00 Wilkes Co, North Carolina USA
1. about 1770-00-00 Abigail Laws

Children of Thomas Hampton and Abigail Laws:
Judah Hampton
Nancy Hampton b. about 1773-00-00
Welcome William Hampton b. about 1775-00-00
Jeremiah Hampton b. about 1780-00-00
*Elizabeth Hampton b. 1782-03-05
Jacob Hampton b. 1786-00-00
Livingston Hampton b. 1789-00-00
James Hampton b. about 1798-00-00


married in Wilkes Co NC

Some trees claim his parents were James or Jacob Hampton 1724 + Judah Johnson 1730.

from DAR records

He was a soldier from NC in the Revolutionary War.
see NC Rev Army Accts Vol 7 p39, Folio 1 Roll #S.115 57.3
He also served as a Juror in Wilkes Co NC in 1782. see Wilkes Co Court Minutes Vol 1 p31

In the DAR database he is number A133657.

See NC Archives Record ID: 13.30.24057

NC Archives

Record ID:
Surry Co NC Land Records, Thomas Hampton
Entry #391 1778-12-21; Grant #303 1780-04-03; Book 41 p41; 350 acres, On Neatman Creek beg. at a wt. oak on the North side of little Neatman [Creek]
[I'm not sure that's him.]

Record ID:
Wilkes Co NC Land Grants, Thomas Hampton
Entry #1188 1782-04-05; Grant #1746 1798-12-13; Book 99 p58; 100 acres, On Stoney Fork

Record ID:
Wilkes Co NC Land Grants, Thomas Hampton
Entry #1987 1795-06-25; Grant #1845 1799-06-07; Book 104 p7; 25 acres, On a branch of Lewis Creek fork of Yadkin River

Record ID:
Wilkes Co NC Land Grants, Thomas Hampton
Entry #34 1785-03-24; Grant #2113 1800-12-13; Book 108 p418; 100 acres, Waters of Stoney Fork Creek

Record ID:
Wilkes Co NC Land Grants, Thomas Hampton
Entry #911 1812-02-10; Grant #2863 1812-11-28; Book 127 p123; 50 acres, On N. fork of Stoney Fork

[Stony Creek arises NW of Stony Fork near the end of the Blue Ridge Pkwy, and feeds into the Yadkin River N of Oakdale.
Lewis Creek is now under W Kerr Scott Reservoir.]

from this RootsWeb entry:

Wilkes Co NC Will Book 3 p152

North Carolina February the 20th, 1817 Wilkes County

I, Thomas Hampton, being in my sound sense of memory and calling to mind the
shortness of time and the Certainty of Eternity, Do make my last will and Testament
as follows to wit. 1st: That all my lawfull debts be punctually paid and 2nd: That my
wife Abigail shall have one cow and calf (her choice out) of my stalk one bed of
furnature and all the household furnature as lon as she
remains my widow and at the expiration of that time my household furniture to be
divided equally divided between my two daughters, Nancy and Judy. 3. I will
bequeath to my two daughters , Nancy and Judy, one cow and calf each, one bed of
furniture each. 4th I will bequeath to my sons, Welcome, Jeremiah, Livingston,
Jacob, Turner and James, all my lands and consiments ( ? ) to be equally divided
between them and my daughters, 5th, My rifle gun to be my sons Livingston. 6th, I
will bequeath to my little grandson, Jessie, Polly's Eldest son, fifty dollars out of what
William Holeman is due and the rest to be appropriated to the seal of any wife( ? ) .
7th: My loving wife and my worthy friend JohnBrown, to be the executors of my Last
will and testament in witness whereof I have__??___ ??_____ Set my hand and
seal of the day and year above written.

John Brown
Thomas Farmer Jut.

Thomas Hampton (seal)

Why is Elizabeth not named in the will?
She and Benjamin had left NC long before 1817. Perhaps Thomas gave them her share when they married, or when they moved away. Usually, though, people mention such disbursements in their will to prevent problems with the administration.

This is probably him:
1810 census Wilkes Co NC p892, Wilkesborough
Thomas Hampton 1 M <10, 1 M 10-16, 1 M 45+, 2 F 10-16, 1 F 45+
[x, James 12, Thomas 66, x, x, Elizabeth 54]

There are several Thomas Hamptons in NC, but this is the only one in Wilkes Co.

This is probably him:
1800 census Wilkes Co NC p44, Morgan twp
Thomas Hampton 1 M <10, 2 M 10-16, 1 M 16-26, 1 M 45+, 3 F <10, 1 F 10-16, 1 F 26-45
[James 2, Livingston 11, Jacob 14, (Jeremiah 20 or Welcome 25), Thomas 56, x, x, x, x, Elizabeth 44]

This is the only Thomas Hampton in Wilkes Co. It looks like there were some daughters between Livingston and James.

Is this him?
1790 census Craven Co NC p131, twp not given
Thomas Hampton 1 M 16+, 3 M 0-15, 2 F
[Thomas 46, Welcome 15, Jeremiah 10, Jacob 4, Abigail, Elizabeth]

If so, Livingston was born after 1789, Judah was born after 1790, and Nancy was married before 1790.

Or is this him?
1790 census Stokes Co NC p180, twp not given
Thomas Hampton 3 M 16+, 1 M 0-15, 7 F

If so, Welcome was born before 1775 and so was Judah, two of the other sons were born later or died young, and he had many daughters I don't know about.

Stokes Co is near Wilkes Co, but Craven Co is on the other side of the state.

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