Phereby Norris Genealogy

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Born: 1798-06-19 Johnston Co, North Carolina USA
Died: 1871-02-11 Allen Co, Kentucky USA
1. 1816-09-18 Matthew Page Motley

Children of Phereby Norris and Matthew Motley:
John M Motley b. 1817-06-23
Elizabeth Motley b. 1819-03-04 d. 1839-09-08
Henry Thomas Motley b. 1822-01-26
Theatas Motley b. 1824-01-19 d. 1908-11-15
Reuben Motley b. 1825-09-29
Matthew Page II Motley b. 1827-09-02
Phereby Motley b. 1829-09-17
William M Motley b. 1831-03-18
George Washington Motley b. 1833-04-20
Francis Marion Motley b. 1835-05-14


1870 census Allen Co KY p220a
Pheriba Motley 73 NC
Thetus 46 KY
Henry W Johnson 19 KY
Nancy E Stovall 14 MO

1860 census Allen Co KY p176
Phiriba Motly 62 NC
Thetus 26 KY
Marion 25 KY
Wm 37? KY
Elizabeth 24 KY

1850 census Allen Co KY p153b
Feraby Motly 52 NC
F (f) 26 KY [Theatas]
M (m) 22? KY [Matthew]
Wm 19 KY
W (m) 17 KY [Washington]
F Mrion 15 KY
G (f?) 2 KY

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