Dink Rigsby Genealogy

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Dink Walker Rigsby |
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 \ Mary Tippeth

Born: 1880-05-17 DeKalb Co, Tennessee USA
Died: 1952-10-12 Dallas Co, Texas USA
1. 1900-11-12 Bessie Whitman

Children of Dink Rigsby and Bessie Whitman:
Daisy Elizabeth Rigsby
Lillie Jane Rigsby
Rosa Lee Rigsby
Jasper Newton Rigsby
Cecil Leo Rigsby
Dink Walker II Rigsby
Violet Ruth Rigsby
Lonnie James Rigsby



His real first name starts with "E".

first married in DeKalb Co TN 1894-12-29 Linnie Arnold
married Bessie in DeKalb Co TN
buried in Garland cemetery, Dallas Co TX

1920 census Dallas Co TX p36a
Dink W Rigsby 38 TN/TN/TN
wife Bessie 32 TN/TN/TN
dau Daisy 16 TN
dau Lillie 14 TX
dau Rosie 11 TX
son Jasper 9 TX
son Cecil 5 TX
son Dink W 3 1/12 OK

1910 census Dallas Co TX p125b
E W Rigsby 28 TN/TN/TN
wife Bessie 23 TN/TN/TN
dau Daisy 7 TN
dau Lillie 5 TX
dau Rosa 1 7/12 TX

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