Sarah Reese Genealogy

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 / Louis Reese|
|  \
Sarah Elizabeth Reese |
|  / John McHenry
 \ Charlotte McHenry |
 \ Margaret Hinds

Born: 1849-04-02 Bates Co, Missouri USA
Died: 1942-11-26 Fairview, Major Co, Oklahoma USA
1. 1869-06-14 James Greenfield Ford

Children of Sarah Reese and James Ford:
Lola Bell Ford
Albert Dem Littleroy Ford
Eddy Aquilla Ford
Etta Priscilla Ford
Leona Ford
Lula Frances Ford


1910 census Major Co OK p93a
James J Ford 56 IL/US/US
wife Sarah E 59 MO/KY/KY
son-in-law Charles R Taylor 38 MO/CAN/CAN
dau Leona Taylor 28 KS
gdau Osa M Taylor 10 OK

1900 census Woods Co OK p96a
James G Ford 52 1847-08 OH/KY/KY
wife Sarah E 50 1850-04 MO/KY/MO

1880 census Linn Co KS p100b
James Ford 32 IL/blank/blank
wife Sarah 30 MO/KY/KY
dau Lola B 10 KS
son Albert B 8 KS
son Edda 5 KS
dau Ettie 5 KS

1875 state census Linn Co KS p7
James Ford 27 IL
Sarah 25 MO
Lola B 4 KS
Albert D 2 KS

1870 census Linn Co KS p101a
John Ford household
James 22 IL
Sarah 19 MO

They are probably living with James' brother. James' father is next door.

Hinds Site: Genealogy of Ken Hinds -- page 8140
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