updated 2021-04-01

odd picture of me

Howdy. My name is Ken Hinds.

This is one of my college yearbook pictures. I went to Rice University, and they let us submit whatever picture we wanted for the yearbook. There were always lots of interesting shots.

Here is a later picture of me, attempting Ghanaian tribal dances at the demonstration during Diversity Day at work.

I live in beautiful San Diego, California, USA.
I'm a retired computer programmer. Now I do volunteer work tutoring math at Teddy Roosevelt Middle School and READ San Diego. Here is a picture of me at school.


I have been working on my genealogy for a while now, and have found a bunch of my ancestors and distant cousins.


I'm inordinately fond of a little puzzle called pentominoes. pentomino solution


Doesn't everybody have a page full of links?


Check out my page with what I consider the 10 Best Albums of Various Years.


I drive a Mini Cooper S convertible, and also an MG Midget that I bought brand new. I've driven it for more than a light-second now, and had it restored several years ago. I really like to take it when I go camping in the National Parks. There's nothing like having the top down while going through Yellowstone or Yosemite or Arches or

my car at Bothe-Napa
California's Bothe-Napa State Park.


Quote of the month:

The point to remember is that what the government gives it must first take away.
-- John S. Coleman

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