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This is my direct ancestor 7 generations back.

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Born: about 1796-00-00 Tennessee USA
Died: (unknown)
1. 1815-09-04 Orpha Houston

Children of James Caruthers and Orpha Houston:
*Nancy Caruthers b. about 1816-00-00
Deborah Caruthers b. about 1817-00-00


married in Washington Co TN

Also married in Washington Co were:
1830-01-14 John Caruthers + Polly Melvin
1833-07-27 Marion Caruthers + Vinell Fine
1839-09-19 Sarah Caruthers + Abraham Barnes
1841-01-14 N Carothers + H Kuhn
1845-12-19 Eliza Jane Caruthers + Robert H Mulkey
1853-08-25 Elizabeth Angeline Caruthers + John W Fulmer [John's brother married a Mallonee]
1854-01-08 Samuel Caruthers + Catherine Sell

They may be siblings, children, or cousins of James.

James Houston (brother of this James' wife) married Sarah Caruthers. Probably she was a sister of this James.

A message on the Caruthers genforum says James and Sarah are probably from the Augusta Co VA
Carruthers family.

Wouldn't it be strange if he was s/o James Caruthers + Elizabeth Lowrance?
That family lived in Rowan Co NC, though, so probably he isn't.

Another researcher sends:

James' parents are supposed to be Jonathan Caruthers 1760 + Sarah Young 1764. Sarah's parents are
supposed to be John Young c1745 + Isabella Cunningham. John Young's parents are supposed to be
Robert Young 1708-12-04 IRE d 1792-07-08 + Mary Douglas d 1829-09-23.

I have DNA matches to several other children of Jonathan Caruthers + Sarah Young.

Unfortunately, the census for Washington Co does not exist prior to 1830. On the 1830 census are:

Jonathan Caruthers 1 M 30-40, 1 F 20-30
Jonathan Caruthers 1 M 10-15, 2 M 15-20, 1 M 20-30, 1 M 60-70, 1 F <5, 3 F 15-20, 1 F 20-30, 1 F 30-40, 1 F 50-60

my James (see below)

Samuel Caruthers 1 M 50-60

Jonathan Sr gave land to Jonathan Jr and Samuel in the 1820s, calling each of them his son. He also
sold land to John Caruthers, but does not call him son. (He also sold land to Hugh Young, who married
his daughter Mary.) The deeds for Samuel and Jonathan Jr state that the land is on a corner with
James Carothers. Jonathan apparently never sold or gave land to James. The witness for one of the
deeds was "S Caruthers".

Was the older Samuel a brother of Jonathan, and is he James' father?

There was a Samuel "Carrithers" who owned land in Sullivan Co TN (just north of Washington) in 1796. Since he owned land, he was at least 21 and could be this James' father. He is not in Sullivan Co for the 1830 census, so I think he is probably the Samuel age 50-60 above.

From 1790 to 1796, part of Washington Co was in NC.
Washington Co is not listed in NC on the 1790 census. There are Caruthers families in Carteret, Chowan,
Craven, Lincoln, Mecklenburg (lots), Orange, Pasquotank, Perquimans, and Sampson Cos.

The 1810 census has Caruthers families in Cecil Co MD, Cabarrus Co NC, Perquimans Co NC, Lancaster Co PA, Westmoreland Co PA, Hampshire Co VA, Kanawha Co VA, and Rockbridge Co VA. There are also some Caruth families who may be Caruthers misspelled.
Since this James was in TN, the NC families look likely to be his.

There is a "genealogy" of the Caruthers family published by Gustave Anjou through his company, "American Consumers Society".
Everything published by Mr Anjou has proven to be almost completely fabricated.
I don't know if this James is mentioned in the "genealogy", but if so any information about him therein cannot be trusted.

"Washington Co Tennesseeans before 1800"

James Caruthers is mentioned in
Will Book 1 p50
Deed Book 4 p258
Deed Book 7 p246

There is also a John Caruthers mentioned in Superior Court Minutes Book 3 p60.

This page has:

DEEDS, Books 19 and 20

19-72: 11 May 1830, John Houston, Sr., William Houston, Dungins
Houstin, James Houston, John Houston Jr., James Carothers and wife
Orpha, Maddison Rano (sic) and Mary Rano, heirs and representatives of
Jeremiah Dungins decd, to John Green of Town of Jonesborough, $30, Lot
3 in division of lands of John Houston Sr. & Mary his wife, one of heirs
of Jeremiah Dungins, we ... heirs of Jeremiah Dungin and also heirs of
Mary Houston, wife of said John Houston, Senr., decd, ....
Signed by Houstons, Carothers, and C.M. Rancon (sic), Mary (X) Rancon

1850 census Washington Co TN p243b, 4th subdivision E district
Washington Malonee household
James Caruthers 54 TN

He is a blacksmith. He can read and write.
Washington married his daughter Nancy.

1840 census Washington Co TN p253, twp not given
James Crathers 1 M 40-50

[He is next door to John Mallonee, whose son George Washington Mallonee married Nancy.]

1830 census Washington Co TN p223, twp not given (division allotted to Madison McEfee)
James Caruthers 1 M <5, 1 M 30-40, 1 F 5-10, 3 F 10-15, 1 F 30-40, 1 F 40-50
[x, James c34, x, x, x, Nancy 14, Orpha c34, x]

1820 census is missing for Washington Co TN.

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