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This is my direct ancestor 10 generations back.

 / Matthew Borden
 / Richard Borden|
|  \ Joan Reeder
Benjamin Fowle Borden |
|  / Richard Fowle
 \ Joan Fowle |
 \ Mary Filkes

Born: 1649-05-16 Portsmouth, Rhode Island USA
Died: about 1728-00-00 Burlington Co, New Jersey USA
1. 1670-09-22 Abigail Grover

Children of Benjamin Borden and Abigail Grover:
Richard Borden b. 1672-00-00
*Benjamin II Borden b. 1675-04-06
James Borden b. 1677-09-06
Rebecca Borden b. 1680-00-00
Safety Borden b. 1682-00-00
Amy Borden b. 1684-00-00
Joseph Borden b. 1687-00-00
Jonathan Borden b. 1690-00-00
David Borden b. 1692-00-00
Samuel Borden b. 1696-00-00


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married Abigail in Portsmouth, Newport Co RI
second wife Susannah (unknown)

They lived many years at Middletown, New Jersey, then moved to Evesham, Burlington County, New Jersey, in 1713. Like his father, he became a large landowner and was elected to several public offices. The first court of Monmouth County, New Jersey, was held in his house in Shrewsbury in 1676. He was a justice of the peace in 1685. In 1692 and 1694 he was elected to the General Assembly from Middletown. In 1695 and 1698 he was elected as one of the six members to the General Assembly from Monmouth County. He was a member of the House of Representatives for Monmouth County from
1708 to 1709. He served as road commissioner from 1693 to 1711.

see "Genealogies of VA families from the William and Mary College Quarterly" vol 1 p400

New Jersey, Abstract of Wills, 1670-1817

1728-06-05 Benjamin Borden of Evesham twp, Burlington Co, yeoman
Inventory of personal estate, L222.10.10 1/2, incl bills and bond L39.10 York, or L33.17.2 proclamation money, made by Hugh Sharp and John Hollinshead.

1728-06-06 Bond of Susannah Borden, widow of Benjamin, as administratrix of the estate. Hugh Sharp and John Hollinshead fellow bondsmen.

Burlington Co NJ Court Book 1681-1709

Court of Sessions and Pleas November 4th and 5th 1700

A Bill or Indictment being delivered to the Grand jury from the Kings Attorney against Benjamin Burden, the Grand jury came into Court, and deliver said Bill, with these words written thereon, We the Grand jury do find this a truebill -- John Shin foreman.
The court adjourn'd till Afternoon, and then again Opened.
Benjamin Burden sett to the Barr -- The Bill or Indictment read in these words (vizt) We the Jurors for our Sovereign Lord the King, and for the body of this County, do present That whereas Benjamin Borden of Freehold in the Province of East Jersey, The Eleventh or twelfth day of October 1700 at this Town of Burlington, of Set purpose and deliberately and with malicious intent, did Sett forth amoungst other things, this false Seditious and Scandalous matter to defamation of our Governor Coll Andrew Hamilton (that he the said Governour was run away) with an evil intent to disturb the Peace of this Province, and contrary to divers Statutes made and provided and to the evil Example of all others in the like cause offending etc.
To which Indictment the Prisoner pleaded Not Guilty -- The Court demanding of him, Whether he would referr himself to the Bench or put himself upon his Tryall by Jury -- The Prisoner answered he would put himself upon Tryal by the Country.
The Petty Jury Attested were -- Matthew Watson, John Lambert, John Cheshire, Thomas Ridgway, John Shin junr, John Hilliard, George Elkington, Samuel Lippincutt, John Powel, Thomas Bishop, Thomas Smith, Matthew Foresith.
[a Paper Evidence] The Deposition of George Willis George Willis being Solemnly Attested saith That Benjamin Borden comeing into his house the last night or Evening, And some Enquiry being made of what News from East Jersey (he comeing from thence) the said Benjamin Burden replyed and reported, That the Governour was ran away, and further saith not, Attested the 12th day of October 1700 before me -- Samuel Furnis Burgess.
[Evidence] George Willis in open Court being Attested saith, that Benjamin Burden comeing into his house (Said Burden comeing then from East Jersey), was asked what news from thence, he answered that the disturbances there were not yet quieted And furthe the said Burden said -- Suppose the Governour is run away, and further saith not.
[The Prisoners Plea] The Court demanding of the Prisoner what he had to say from himself The Prisoner denyes that ever he spoke any such like words. The Court adjourn'd to Henry Grubbs -- and there opened the Court of Pleas. The Court of Sessions adjourn'd to to morrow morning 8 a Clock.
November 5th, the Court of Sessions opened.
[The verdict] The Jury bring in their Verdict in these words (vizt) We the Jury are all agreed that the Prisoner (according to the Evidence) is guilty of saying (Suppose the Governour is run away). The Court asking the Prisoner whether he had anything to offer in Arrest of Judgment or otherwise and haveing nothing material to move to the Court
[Judgment] Judgment of the Court is, The he (the Prisoner) be and is fined One hundred pounds and Costs of Suit, remanding into the Sheriffs Custody till paid etc.

[Note: a few days later Nicholas Brown was brought into court by the Sheriff under suspicion for helping Benjamin Borden escape from the sheriff on Brown's horse.]

Note on the above: West Jersey was largely settled by Quakers, who were not popular among the rest of the population. The Quakers had appointed Andrew Hamilton as Governor of West Jersey. Some question arose as to his eligibility, he being a Scotsman. He was removed from office, and Jeremiah Basse, a strong anti-Quaker, was appointed. He loaded the courts with like-minded men, and the Quakers were harassed. Eventually the West Jersey Society determined that Hamilton was indeed eligible to serve as Governor, and was reinstated. Benjamin Borden was violently anti-Hamilton, and no doubt did make the alleged statements against him.

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