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This is my ancestor 11 generations back.

 / Peter Harrison
 / Anthony Harrison|
|  \
Richard Harrison |
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Born: 1618-00-00 Over, Cambridge England
Died: (unknown) New Kent Co, Virginia USA
1. 1636-08-28 Margaret Barber

Children of Richard Harrison and Margaret Barber:
*Andrew Harrison b. 1648-12-30


his name might be Andrew Richard Harrison
Rootsweb has him born 1610 to 1618, died 1680 New Kent VA, father Anthony, other children Peter and John
from Harrison mailing list:
father: Anthony Harrison b 1563 d 1650 VA; Anthony's other children: George, Andrew d 1686 married Thomasine Raines, Thomas.
Anthony's father is Peter Harrison b Cambridge England? d 1593; Peter's other children: William, Peter, Richard d 1603 VA married Margaret Pilkington (see below)
Peter's father is John Harrison of Cambridge England d 1538?; other children: Hugh, George.
Harrison Repository says Richard's father is Anthony b c1600 Cambridge d 1660 VA, children Richard, George, Andrew, James;
Anthony 1600 is son of Anthony 1563 Over Cambridge England, d c1620 VA, children Peter, Anthony;
Anthony 1563 is son of Peter d 1593 as above
Peter d1593 is son of John b c1470 St Andrews Cambridgeshire d c1538 same place
Patented lands July 6, 1664.
from Harrison Repository re John c1470:
Per Worth Ray in TN Cousins:

originally from the Bishopric of Durham (now County Durham) in the northern part of
England. By the 15th or 16th centuries there were Harrisons settled all over England,
especially to the south. It is not unlikely that John Harrison who made his will there in
1538 while a descendant of the original Harrisons of Durham, was closely related to the
Standish and Lancaster Harrisons who had earlier drifted south.

" I believe this John at St. Andrews Cambridge was the common ancestor of Antony of
Over and Richard Peter, son of John and died in 1593, was their father. Richard became
the father of Benjamin, Clerk of Council in VA, 1630, and Antony of Over was the father
of Antony, who, according to Nugent, came to VA in 1630, and is the direct ancestor of
the Long, Nash, Halbert and Simonton line. Antony II was the father of Richard Harrison
who received a land patent in VA July 6, 1664 (Nugent). He, in turn was the father of
Andrew who married Eleanor_________, and left a will in Essex co. VA, 1718."

Richard Harrison d1603 (from above) had children Peter and Benjamin I.
Benjamin Harrison I (1594-12-xx England d 1648 Surry Co VA) married Mary (unk) children Benjamin II and Peter. Benjamin II b 1645-09-20 Surry Co VA d 1712-01-30 same place married Hannah is ancestor of President William Henry Harrison through Benjamin V.

from Harrison Repository:

Anthony c1600 above came to Virginia by 1650 accompanied or induced to come through the efforts
of Samuel BONNAM.

George was listed as a child of Anthony (ID# 987) by Tenn Cousins but other references
indicated George (ID# 1015) is a child of John Harrison. We are currently using Otey's
conclusions on this family. More research is necessary to determine actual ancestry. See
further records on ID# 6346.

Anthony + (Jr) who migrated with his father to Virginia along with cousin Benjamin
(alegedly the ancestor of Ben the Signer). [S9] [S461]

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