Henry Motley Genealogy

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This is my ancestor 8 generations back.

 / John Motley
 / John Motley|
|  \ Mary Mills
Henry Motley |
|  / Abraham North
 \ Elizabeth North |
 \ Sarah Rowzie

Born: 1703-00-00 Essex Co, Virginia USA
Died: 1778-00-00 Halifax Co, North Carolina USA
1. 1728-00-00 Mary Bates
2. 1733-00-00 Hannah Andrews
3. 1740-00-00 Catherine Fogg
4. 1750-00-00 Ann Mosley

Children of Henry Motley and Mary Bates:
Henry Nance Motley b. about 1731-00-00

Children of Henry Motley and Hannah Andrews:
*John Marion Motley b. 1734-00-00
Thomas Motley b. 1736-00-00

Children of Henry Motley and Catherine Fogg:
Elizabeth Motley
Edwin Colonel Motley b. 1740-00-00

Children of Henry Motley and Ann Mosley:
Harrison Motley b. about 1752-00-00
Robert Motley b. 1752-00-00


married in Essex Co VA

marriage to Catherine Fogg: see Book D24 p105 (says 1747), or Book D30 p391 (says 1770-11-19)

About 1776 Henry and Ann sold their land in Essex County VA and moved to Halifax County NC.
John and Thomas also went to NC, but Edwin stayed in VA.

He is listed on the Election Poll taken 1741-11-20 in Essex Co VA.

Virginia Colonial Abstracts Vol II p422

Deed 1754-08-19. Henry Motley and Ann his wife of Essex Co, planter, sell John Jones of same Co,
for L150, certain properties in Essex. The deed includes a tract given said Henry Motley by will of his
father John Mottley deceased. And also 30 acres said Henry Motley purchased from John Mottley
eldest son and heir of William Mottley deceased. Also another tract patented 1739-09-22 by Eliza
Motley deceased and bequeathed by her will to said Henry Motley. The land on Occupation Creek.

Occupation Creek enters the Rappahannock River about 12 miles north of Tappahannock VA.

This RootsWeb entry has:

Essex Co., Deed Book 29 page 354
Henry Motley, for love and affection , to his friend Benjamin Harrison a deed of slaves.

Hinds Site: Genealogy of Ken Hinds -- page 210
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