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This is my direct ancestor 11 generations back.

 / William Hilton
 / Edward Hilton|
|  \ Ellen Mainwaring
Edward II Hilton |
|  /
 \ |

Born: 1626-00-00 Dover, New Hampshire USA
Died: 1699-04-28 Exeter, New Hampshire USA
1. Ann Dudley

Children of Edward Hilton and Ann Dudley:
*John Hilton b. about 1646-00-00


RootsWeb has an Edward Hilton born abt 1617 Northwich England died 1669-04 Dover NH, but no wife or children. He is son of Edward Hilton b 1596-06-09 Northwich England d 1669 Dover NH; and Ann Dudley.
I keep finding records that indicate this Edward was born 1596-06-09 died 1669 and came to America with his brother William in 1623 (William having arrived in 1621, then gone back to get brother Edward).
from Hilton mail-list:
Edward HILTON came from England and removed to New Hampshire and Maine.
His brother William, had come to Plymouth in 1621 on the FORTUNE. He also moved to New Hampshire.
Ed's first wife's maiden name is unknown, but the second is SHAPLEIGH.
Edward and the first wife's son, Edward, was born 1626 in Dover, NH.
He married Ann DUDLEY, directly descended from Governor DUDLEY and Governor WINTHROP, both Governors of Mass.
Ed died Apr 28, 1699.
Their son, Ensign Joseph, was born 1681 and died 1765.
He married first Hannah JOSE, then Mrs. Rebecca (ATKINSON) ADAMS.
Joe's and Rebecca's son, Theodore Atkinson, was born in Exeter NH, 1721. He married Mary SINCLAIR. He died 1765.
Now I think it is: This Edward was born 1626 Dover NH?, and married Ann Dudley who was b abt 1630. This Edward is son of another Edward, who arrived abt 1623 (as above).
from a RootsWeb entry:
Edward Hilton and Ann Dudley children:
1. Edward 2 Hilton b: WFT Est. 1617-1646 in Northwich, England
2. Baby Girl Hilton b: WFT Est. 1617-1646
3. John Hilton b: WFT Est. 1617-1646
4. William Hilton b: 1631
5. Sobriety Hilton b: JAN 1632/33 in Dover, New Hampshire
married Henry Moulton b 1623 England; child John 1660 Hampton NH
6. Susanna Hilton b: 1635
7. Samuel Hilton b: 1640
8. Charles Hilton b: 1642
? 9. Joseph Hilton Sr married Rebecca Atkinson

New Hampshire Probate Records Vol 3 p167

[Inventory of the estate of Edward Hilton of Exeter, who died April 28 1699, taken May 29 1699; amount L1146.6.0; signed by Theophilus Dudley, Biley Dudley, and John Wedgwood; attested by Winthrop Hilton Hilton July 1699.]

Artikells of Agremt Indented, Made and Agred upon, By and between Wintroope Hilto, Dudley Hilton and Joseph Hilton all of Exeter in the Province of New-Hampshere In New-England Yeomen In Manner & forme ffollowing that is to saye whareas Our Honered ffather Edward Hilton Late of Exeter Deseased, hath Given and bequethed unto us Lands, Meddowes, and Intereste in Mills, wee the said Wintrop Hilton Dudly Hilton and Joseph Hilton have Unanimusly Agreed, To Divide and Alott and do hereby own, Acknowledge and Declare, That wee have Unanimusly Divided and Allotted to eatch other our Sowle and Hoole Right Tittle adn Interest of or Unto all The Lands meddowes, or Mills given as Abovesaid to Eatch and Every of our Satisfactyon and Content, Which Divityon and perticuler allootment as ffollows
To Wintrop Hilton, The Dwelling House, Barne, Oarchard, and all the Land and Marsh Lying betwene, The Partinge Brooke and a Ded Red oak tree at the Nort Este Corner of the oarchard and ffrom Said Red oake to Run on a North Weste Line to the Hed of said Hilton (Deseased) Land and the one halfe of the ffivety Acres of Land at Pickpocket and Allso the Grist Mill and Saw Mill upon the Partinge Brooke to be ye Soole and Propper use Benefitt and Beehoofe of him the Said Wintrop Hilton, his Heires, Execrs Admrs and Assignes for Ever, To have Hoold Posses and Injoye wth out ye Leste mollestatyon or Disturbans by or from us, or of Ether of us, Dudley Hilton and Joseph, or Anny Person or persons by from or under us, Claimeinge Legall Rite thereunto.
To Dudly Hilton all the Land betwene the abovesaid Red Oake, and a Rock in the ground and an other upon that Rock nere over Against Liftenant Wiggens Poynte, and So to Run that Bredth vizt aboute fforty Eight Rods on a North Weste Line to the Hed of Said Hilton Deceased Land and Six Acres of Marsh and flatts, bee it Moore or Less, Comonly Caled the upper End of the ffirst Marsh and Allso one Sixth parte of a Saw-Mill on Piscassock River wch was his ffathers and allso one quarter part of the ffivety Acres of Land at Pickpocket To have and to hoold to him the Said Dudly Hilton his Heires, Execrs Admrs and Assignes for Ever wth out Lett Mollestatyon or Disturbans by or from us, or ether of us, The Said wintrop and Joseph Hilton or Anny Person or Persons by from or under us Claimeing Legal Rite thereunto.
To Joseph Hilton all the Land that was his ffathers at his Desease, betwene the Line Laste Mentyoned, and John wedgwoods Land Up to the Hed of Said Land and one quarter parte of the ffivety Acres of Land At Pickpocket and the Marsh that was our ffathers at the upper and Lower End of the ffirst Crike and Allso the Sixth part of a Saw-mill on Piscassock River wch was there fathers to have and to Hool, to him the said Joseph Hilton his Heires, Execrs Admrs and Assigns for Ever wth out Lett Mollestatyon or Disturbans by or from us or ether of us the Said Wintrop and Dudly Hilton or Anny Person or Persones, By from or under us, Claimeinge Legall Rite thereunto
wth wch Divityons wee Acknowlidge our Selves ffully Satisfied Contented and Paid as the Hoole Proportyon of the Estate, given unto us by our ffather Edward Hilton Abovesaid, In Housses, Lands, Meddowes or Mills
In Confermatyoun whareof wee the said Wintrop Hilton Dudly Hilton and Joseph Hilton have Enterchaingeably Sett our Hands & seles The seventh Daye of June Ann Dom: one thousand & Seven Hondred Annoqe Desemo R Regis Gulyelmy Tershy Angly &c
Signed Seled & Delvered In the p'sents of us Kinsley Halle, Bilye Dudly
Wintrop Hilton (& sele)
Dudly Hilton (& sele)
Ann Hilton Gardian to Joseph Hilton (& sele)

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