James Tompkins Genealogy

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This is my direct ancestor 7 generations back.

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Born: (unknown) Newark, Essex Co, New Jersey USA
Died: (unknown) Tennessee USA
1. about 1758-00-00 Elizabeth Jackson

Children of James Tompkins and Elizabeth Jackson:
Elizabeth Tompkins b. about 1760-00-00
Nancy Tompkins b. about 1760-00-00
Harrison Tompkins b. about 1765-00-00
Phoebe Tompkins b. about 1770-00-00
William Tompkins b. 1772-11-20
Garsham Tompkins b. about 1774-00-00
Joseph Tompkins b. 1775-00-00
*Benjamin Tompkins b. 1779-12-04
James Tompkins b. 1787-00-00


This RootsWeb entry says his parents were Eleazer Tompkins d 1745 + Deborah (unknown).

There's a huge problem with that, though. Eleazer's will names wife Hannah and leaves everything to daughter Rachel. Rachel was apparently born about 1715. Maybe his father was a different Eleazer. Some trees say James' father was Eleazer 1667, but he's more likely another generation back.

Various RootsWeb entries give his birth date as 1718, 1724, 1732, 1735, and 1740.
Based on the dates of his children, 1730s looks right. But one Genforum message says he was born 1715 and that Elizabeth was a second wife.

A lot of RootsWeb entries show that he had a daughter Mary Gardner Tompkins, but I'm pretty sure that's wrong. Her birth date is generally given as 1744. There's a 1744 christening record for Mary Tompkins d/o James in Morristown NJ. Besides being in the wrong place, that James would be noticeably older than Elizabeth Jackson. Possibly Elizabeth is a second wife, but I think more likely that's a different James Tompkins.

Three Forks Baptist church in Wilkes Co NC was founded 1790-11-06 by James Tompkins and others. A list of apparently the original members contains James, Elizabeth, Joseph, Ruth, William, Garsham, and Benjamin. Ruth apparently is Gersham's wife.
Garsham, Ruth, Joseph, and William were all dismissed between 1793 and 1794, most likely meaning they moved away.

Roane Creek Baptist church in Roane Co TN was organized 1794-04-20 with Joseph Tompkins as an early member. James Tompkins was pastor at a church on Roane Creek.

Wilkes Co Deed Book B p186:
1788-07-10 James Tompkins, 125 acres on S Fork of Lewis Fork adjoining his own land

In 1803 James Tompkins of Carter Co TN sold 25 acres in Ashe Co NC to John Morris. Witness was Gersham and Ruth Tompkins.

NC Archives

Record ID:
Wilkes Co NC Land Grants, James Tompkins
Entry #421 1779-08-23; Grant #796 1788-07-19; Book 66 p385; 125 acres, On the So fork of Lewis Fork beg. at a double black oak.

Record ID:
Wilkes Co NC Land Grants, James Tompkins
Entry #423 1779-08-23; Grant #799 1788-07-10; Book 66 p385; 125 acres, On So. fork of Lewis Fork beg. on a dogwood and oak in his other line.

Record ID:
Entry #90 1788-05-02; Grant #1297 1794-07-09; Book 82 p19; 100 acres, On South fork of New River.

[The South Prong of Lewis Fork joins the North Prong just north of Hwy 421, west of Wilkesboro, and flows into W Kerr Scott Reservoir. It starts about 3 miles west of that, where N Goforth Rd joins Hackett Town Rd.]

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