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Born: about 1812-00-00 Alabama USA
Died: (unknown)
1. Della (unknown)

Children of (unknown) Rigsby and Della (unknown):
(unknown) Rigsby b. about 1832-00-00
Alex Rigsby b. about 1845-00-00
Wade? Rigsby b. about 1849-00-00
Elmira Rigsby b. about 1854-00-00



This is a black family.

He and his family were slaves of Elijah Rigby who was in Monroe Co AL on the 1860 census.
He died before 1870, so I don't know his name.

1860 census Monroe Co AL p897
Elijah Rigby 62 GA
Jesse 68 NC
16 slaves:
male 48
female 48 [Della]
male 47
male 28
male 28
male 20
female 16
male 14 [Alex]
female 13
male 13
male 12
male 12
male 11 [Wade]
female 6 [Elmira]
female 5
male 1 MU

This man must be one of the two older males. The other could be his brother, or hers, or not related.
Some of the other children probably go with this family and the rest with the other man.

1850 census Slave Schedules, Dallas Co AL p124
Elijah Rigby has 37 slaves, including ones corresponding to Della, her husband, Alex (age 2), and Wade.

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