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Placeholder 1775
David Rigsby
Edward Rigsby
Jacob Rigsby
William Rigsby b. about 1782-00-00
Warren Rigsby b. about 1790-00-00
Jesse Rigby b. about 1792-00-00
Richard Rigsby b. 1792-07-01
John Rigsby b. about 1795-00-00
James Rigsby b. about 1795-00-00
Josiah Rigsby b. 1795-00-00
William Rigsby b. about 1795-00-00
Jonathan Rigsby b. about 1797-00-00
George Rigsby b. about 1798-00-00


This record does not represent a real person.
This is just a place-holder for all the un-attached Rigsbys born from 1775 to 1799.

The people listed here are Rigsbys for whom I have not identified a father.
I am NOT implying that any of them are siblings, though possibly some of them actually are.
I am NOT implying that the father of any of them was born in 1750.
If you are copying information into your own records, do NOT include this record or any of his other "children".

For un-attached Rigsbys born before 1775, see the "father" of this record.
For un-attached Rigsbys born after 1799, see the "child" of this record named Placeholder 1775.

Or go to my main Rigsby page, where I have links to every Rigsby line in
America. I also have links to a large amount of Rigsby information that I have posted online.

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