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Born: about 1797-00-00
Died: (unknown)
1. Rachel (unknown)

Children of Jonathan Rigsby and Rachel (unknown):
Lydia Rigsby b. about 1820-00-00
James J Rigsby b. about 1822-00-00
Lucinda Rigsby b. 1823-10-25



WARNING: That birth date is just a wild guess based on the age of his children. He may have been born earlier.

It's pretty likely he was a brother of Jesse.

"The Georgians"

Allen Cannon s/o Nathaniel Cannon + Frances Summer
+ Mrs Rachel Rigsby (widow of Jonathan)

1 Iverson Cannon 1831
2 William Franklin Cannon 1839 Wilkinson Co GA

I don't know for certain that Jonathan was the father of Lydia and Lucinda, but based on the above he pretty much has to be. They married in Wilkinson Co GA. There aren't any Rigsby families there on the 1830 or 1840 census. On the 1850 James is there, and the above two Cannon children are in his household. In 1851 James sells to Zenus Fordham land of Jonathan's orphans.

1810 census Onslow Co NC p783
Jonathan Rigby 1 M 26-45, 2 slaves

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