Aaron Rigsby Genealogy

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Born: about 1835-00-00 South Carolina USA
Died: (unknown)
1. Kissiah (unknown)

Children of Aaron Rigsby and Kissiah (unknown):
Sam Rigsby b. about 1855-00-00
Laura Rigsby b. about 1857-00-00
Jerry Rigsby b. about 1860-00-00
Kate Rigsby b. about 1862-00-00
Della Rigsby b. 1865-08-10
Seaborn Rigsby b. about 1867-00-00
Calvin Rigsby b. 1869-09-00
George Washington Rigsby b. about 1872-00-00
Liddy Ann Rigsby b. about 1874-00-00



This is a black family.
Note: Their ages are inconsistent across the censuses, so I'm not sure when any of them were born.

There is a good chance that this Aaron was among the slaves owned by Catherine Rigby/Rigsby of Orangeburg Co SC, widow of Charles.

He was a farmer.

1880 Agricultural Census Austin Co TX
Aaron Rigsby -- 43 acres improved; farm value $430, implements $25; 9 swine, 3 barnyard
fowl; 12 acres Indian corn, 300 bushels

1880 census Austin Co TX p491d
Sam Reed 23 TX household
oth Aaron Rigsby 59 SC/SC/AFR
oth Kesiah Rigsby 45 GA/blank/MD
oth Laura Rigsby 22 MS
oth Texanna Rigsby 16 TX [must be Kate]
oth Della Rigsby 13 TX
oth George W Rigsby 8 TX
oth Liddy Ann 6 TX

1870 census Grimes Co TX p312
Aaron Rigsby 35 SC
Kissiah 35 GA
Sam 15 MS
Laura 13 MS
Jerry 10 TX
Kate 8 TX
Della 5 TX
Seaborn 3 TX
Calvin 8/12 TX

I am not sure these next two entries are right:

1860 census Orangeburg Co SC
Catherine Rigsby household
slave (m) 40
slave (f) 27
slave (m) 25 [Aaron]
slave (f) 24 [Kissiah]
slave (f) 20
slave (m) 18 [Tilda's husband?]
slave (f) 16 [Tilda?]
slave (f) 14
slave (f) 14
slave (m) 12
slave (m) 10
slave (f) 10
slave (f) 8
slave (f) 7
slave (m) 5 [Sam]
slave (f) 2 [Laura]

1850 census Orangeburg Co SC
Catherine Rigby household
slave (m) 45 [Aaron's parents?]
slave (f) 40
slave (f) 25
slave (m) 14 [Aaron]
slave (f) 12
slave (m) 10
slave (f) 8
slave (m) 6
slave (f) 4
slave (m) 3
slave (m) 3
slave (m) 1
slave (f) 1

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