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Born: 1824-12-01 Blount Co, Alabama USA
Died: 1913-09-25 Stephens Co, Oklahoma USA
1. 1848-02-15 John Porter Alexander

Children of Sarah Hinds and John Alexander:
Elizabeth Bettie Alexander b. 1850-04-12
Mary Amanda Alexander b. 1852-01-00
Manoah Leonidas Alexander b. 1854-07-06
Sarah Mahalia Alexander b. 1857-04-26
Angeline Alexander b. 1859-01-22
Byram Hinds Alexander b. 1865-06-15
Johnnie Emma Alexander b. 1866-07-23
Alfred Alexander b. about 1869-00-00


Several RootsWeb entries show this Sarah b 1836 AL d 1880 and married to John B Feemster
However, that is her cousin Sarah, who was living with this Sarah's father on the 1860 census.

1910 census Stephens Co OK p200a/b
Marion C Smith household
mother-in-law Sallie Alexander 85 AL/TN/TN

1900 census Chickasaw Nat IT p33b
Mary A Thomas household
mother Sallie C Alexander 75 1824-12 AL/TN/TN

1880 census Ellis Co TX p535b
J P Alexander 55 AL/SC/TN
wife S C 55 AL/TN/TN
son Byron 17 AL
dau Johnnie Emma 13 MS
son Atha A 11 MS

1870 census Clark Co AR p248b
John T Alexander 45 AL
Sarah 45 AL
Leonah 16 AL
Sally 14 AL
Angeline 11 AL
Biram 9 AL
John 4 MS
Alfred (f) 1 MS

1860 census Morgan Co AL p489b
John P Alexander 35 AL
Sarah C 35 AL
Eliza E 10 AL
Mary A 8 TX
Manoa L 6 AL
Sallie M 3? AL
Angeline 1 AL

1850 census Blount Co AL p147a
John P Alexander 26 AL
Sarah 26 AL
Eliza E 1/12 AL

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