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This is my direct ancestor 6 generations back.

 / Daniel Jones|
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Eliakim Jones |
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Born: about 1748-00-00 Connecticut USA
Died: 1825-10-26 Switzerland Co, Indiana USA
1. Ruth (unknown)

Children of Eliakim Jones and Ruth (unknown):
Daniel Jones b. about 1787-00-00
Samuel Jones b. about 1796-00-00
*Mary Ann Jones b. 1799-12-03


I still don't have absolute proof that Eliakim was Mary's father, but circumstantial evidence is very strong.
There were only three Jones families in Switzerland Co when Mary married: Eliakim, Daniel, and Joshua.
Joshua didn't have a daughter Mary, according to RootsWeb entries about him. Daniel is Eliakim's son.
Daniel was born about 1787, so he can't be Mary's father.
Mary states she was born on Long Island. This Eliakim was from Suffolk Co NY (Long Island). Joshua
was from VA and came to IN through KY, where many of his children were born.
Eliakim Jones of Brookhaven is known to have a son Daniel who married in NY about 1810. This Eliakim
and Daniel are on the same 1820 IN census page as George Bowman who married Mary in 1819.
Daniel moved back to Suffolk Co NY about 1828. His 1850 census entry shows children born in IN. He
named a son Eliakim.

There also was a Lewis Jones who died in Switzerland Co in 1813. He also was from VA. He may be
related to Joshua.

He may have been born in NY, but daughter Mary says on the 1880 census that her parents were from CT.

Many trees say he was born 1740, but I'm fairly sure that came from someone who thought he was the Eliakim Jones of Saybrook, Middlesex Co CT s/o Gideon Jones + Elizabeth Chalker. That is not this Eliakim, though.

I know he was an adult in 1772, so he was born no later than 1751. Since Mary Ann was born in 1799, he probably was born not much earlier than 1745. I think 1748 might be a better guess.

Apparently he is mentioned in some books about Patchogue, Long Island NY by Fred Byron Jones. They
give his wife's name as Ruth, and say that he lived on Little Patchogue Creek. That part of Long Island
was occupied by British troops during the Revolutionary War, forcing the inhabitants back to CT. They
returned by 1790.

His son Daniel was an oysterman, and Eliakim may have been one as well.

He and Daniel seem to have moved to Switzerland Co IN in 1817. I wonder why? Eliakim would have
been in his 60s at the time. And why would a family of oystermen move to IN anyway?

"The Refugees of 1776 from Long Island to Connecticut"
Signers in Brookhaven, Suffolk Co NY, May 1775
Daniel Jones
Eliakim Jones
Jonathan Jones
Joseph Jones
Isaac Jones

"The Creek" by Fred B. Jones

He is on the 1794 Assessment rolls of Brookhaven/Patchogue:

1 male over 16 yrs of age
2 other males under 16 years of age
1 female
1 free person

The probate of the estate of Eliakim Jones is in the 1824-1831 Switzerland Co IN Probate Order Book pps 76, 150, 248.

The administrators are his wife Ruth and son Daniel. Unfortunately, it does not mention other children.
It says that on 1825-11-10 Daniel Jones proved that Eliakim had been dead for 15 days.
Eliakim's land was valued at $550, and was described as:
"beginning at the SW corner of the following described land where it joins the said Lowstutters by the
way of Grants Creek, bounded by the creek to the mouth of a run known by the name of the Long
Branch, thence by the creek to the Clay point, thence NE to a stake, thence W to an ash tree
numbered, thence S to the place of beginning"

[Peter Lowstutter and Henry Wallick appraised the land.]

The land was sold for $706. That and his personal effects were the total estate. If I'm reading the
settlement properly, Eliakim owed son Daniel $1000. Ruth kept the personal effects as allowed by law,
and there were some miscellaneous expenses, but Daniel got all the rest. That must be why no other
children are mentioned.

Grant's Creek feeds into the Ohio River at the northern edge of Switzerland Co, near North's Landing.
Long Branch runs south from Grant's Creek about 1.5 miles west of the Ohio River.

Did he have a son Eliakim Jr c1784?

Another researcher sends:

In Nov 1772 Eliakim Jones and two other men were authorized by the city of Brookhaven to grant licenses allowing residents to gather clams and oysters in Great South Bay.

This page has a record of the 1779 capture of the CT sloop "Sally", captained by Eliakim Jones. Is that
my Eliakim? Note that he was in CT during the war, but there were also two other Eliakim Joneses from CT alive.

1820 census Switzerland Co IN p173, Posey twp
Leakim Jones 1 M 45+, 1 F 45+

Daniel is next door. George Bowman is farther down the page.

1810 census Suffolk Co NY p216, Brookhaven
Eleakim Jones 1 M <10, 1 M 10-16, 1 M 16-26, 1 M 26-45, 1 M 45+, 2 F <10, 2 F 10-16, 2 F 16-26, 1 F 45+
[x, Sam 14, Daniel 23, x, Eliakim 62, x, x, Mary 11, x, x, x, Ruth]

Other Joneses in Brookhaven: Daniel 45+ on p223 [Eliakim's brother?], Pomp (black), Saml (black)
11 more in other parts of Suffolk Co

I don't see him in Suffolk Co on the 1800 census, but the Daniel is there. Other Joneses are Isaac,
Benjamin, and Vincent.
He might be in CT for the 1800 census, but I think he was back in NY by then.
He is not the Eliakim Jones in Tolland Co CT nor the one in Windham Co CT. Both those men are in
their respective counties on the 1790 census, and my Eliakim is in Suffolk Co NY.

1790 census Suffolk Co NY p99, Brook Haven twp
Eliacam Jones 1 M 16+, 2 M 0-16, 1 F, 1 other free person
Elicam Jones 1 M 16+, 1 M 0-16, 1 F, 1 other free person
[One of those two must be him, and it seems likely the other is related.]

Also on the page are Hosea (I think) Jones 1,0,2 and Isaac Jones 1,0,2.
No Daniel in the county, but 13 other Jones families in Brook Haven. [Where did they all go by 1800?]

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