Hans Welker Genealogy

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This is my direct ancestor 8 generations back.

 / Johannes Welker
 / Hans Welker|
|  \
Hans George Welker |
|  / Matheus Werner
 \ Margaretha Werner |
 \ Barbara (unknown)

Born: 1697-02-06 Heidelberg, Baden, Wurttemberg Germany
Died: 1782-03-08 Perkiomen, Philadelphia C, Pennsylvania USA
1. 1722-06-09 Anna Margaretha Zimmerman

Children of Hans Welker and Anna Zimmerman:
Dietrich Welker b. 1728-00-00
George Welker b. 1729-11-14
*Michael Welker b. 1731-00-00
Maria Susanna Welker b. 1731-08-17
Margaret Welker b. 1736-00-00
Johannes Welker b. 1741-08-30
Jacob Welker b. 1746-03-27


came to America on ship "William & Mary" 1727-09-18
Occupation: Miller.
according to this page
he and his wife are buried in the Welcker plot of the old cemetery at New Goshenhoppen Reformed Church, New Goshenhoppen, PA. The web page gives his name as John, so maybe he Americanized it after he arrived.
one ancestry.com board message says that the Welker name is a variation on Völker
The marriages of his children Susanna, Dietrich, and Michael are in the shown in the records of the New Goshenhoppen Reformed Church, p 301.
His first wife was Anna Maria Fabian. They were married 1721-02-18, and she died 1721-12-12.
parents from genforum message 144, citing Annette Kunselman Burgert's EIGHTEENTH CENTURY EMIGRANTS FROM GERMAN-SPEAKING LANDS TO NORTH AMERICA, Vol. I: The Northern Kraichgau (Pennsylvania German Society: Breinigsville, 1983), p. 392-3:
Apparently he had another son Johann Jacob Welker 1725-12-03. This Jacob must have died young.

There is an article about him in "The Bulletin of the Historical Society of Montgomery County", Vol X No 3 (Oct 1956)
[Note Montgomery Co was formed in 1784 from Philadelphia Co.]

Hinds Site: Genealogy of Ken Hinds -- page 631
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