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Born: about 1820-00-00 South Carolina USA
Died: (unknown)
1. Emily (unknown)

Children of Morris Rigsby and Emily (unknown):
Sob Rigsby b. about 1852-05-00
Thomas Rigsby b. about 1857-00-00
Virginia Rigsby b. about 1859-00-00
Katie Rigsby b. 1869-08-00



This is a black family.

He might be the father or a brother of Jim.

He was originally a slave of a man named Foster who died in Montgomery Co TX. Foster was a neighbor of Benjamin Rigby of GA who moved to TX before 1850. Foster died relatively young and made Ben guardian of his sons, as well as administrator of his estate. Morris was part of the estate, but Ben paid him for a year of labor, thus making Morris property of the County. After Ben died his widow Catherine moved to Grimes Co TX and took Morris along, where he was freed after the Civil War.

Montgomery Co TX records
Benjamin Rigby, deceased Catherine Rigby, Admrx.
Filed 29 Oct 1855 - Inventory & Claims.
Common property: Male slave, Morris, ...

1880 census Grimes Co TX p102b
Morris Rigby 60 SC/SC/SC
wife Emily 48 AL/AL/AL
son Sob 27 TX
dau Jennie 22 TX
dau Katie 10 TX

1870 census Grimes Co TX p313
Morris Rigsby 50 AL B
Emily 50 AL
Jerry 17 TX [must be Sob]
Thomas 13 TX
Virginia 11 TX

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