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Born: about 1857-00-00 Alabama USA
Died: 1918-04-14 Galveston Co, Texas USA
1. 1878-11-26 Anna Belle Millard

Children of James Rigsby and Anna Millard:
Sylvester Jones Rigsby b. 1879-09-15
Hulen Thomas Rigsby b. 1881-11-00
Elias Rigsby b. 1884-08-01
Hall Rigsby b. 1886-12-00
Anna Ellen Rigsby b. 1889-10-00
Georgia Rigsby b. 1892-08-26
Lizzie Rigsby b. 1894-02-04
Bertha Rigsby b. 1897-01-00
Manuel Gaspred Rigsby b. 1901-02-05
Custer Rigsby b. 1907-00-00



This is a black family.

married in Nacogdoches Co TX
both buried in Municipal cemetery, Galveston Co TX

The best match for him on the 1870 census is Aaron or Albert, sons of Patsy Rigsby in Marengo Co AL.
The only Rigsby family in that area on the 1860 census is Lawson in neighboring Choctaw Co, but as far as I can tell he had no slaves. There was an Enoch Rigby in AL who owned a lot of slaves, but his 1860 enumeration does not contain any matching Patsy's 1870 entry.

1910 census Nacogdoches Co TX p95a/b
Jim Rigsby 56 B AL/US/US
wife Anna 47 MU TX/US/US
son Eulas 24 MU TX
son Hail? 22 B TX
dau Ellen 20 B TX
dau Georgia 17 MU TX
dau Lizzie 14 B TX
dau Bertha 12 B TX
son M G 8 MU TX [Manuel Gaspred]
son Custer 3 MU TX

1900 census Nacogdoches Co TX p102b
Gain? [James] Rigsby 48 B 1852-03 AL/GA/GA
wife Ana 37 B 1862-06 8/8 TX/GA/TN
son Silvester 20 B 1879-09 TX
son Tom? 18 B 1881-11 TX
son Elias 15 B 1884-08 TX
son Hall? 13 B 1886-12? TX
dau Ana 10 B 1889-10 TX
dau Georgia 7 B 1892-08 TX
dau Lizzie 5 B 1894-02 TX
dau Bertha 2 B 1897-01 TX

1880 census Rusk Co TX p15b
Hall Rigsby 23 B AL/AL/AL
wife Anna 17 B TX/AR/AR
son Sylvester 9m B TX

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