Raleigh Riggsbee Genealogy

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Raleigh Riggsbee |
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Born: (unknown) North Carolina USA
Died: (unknown)
1. Milly (unknown)

Children of Raleigh Riggsbee and Milly (unknown):
Nathaniel F Riggsbee b. 1830-10-00
Iley Riggsbee b. about 1832-00-00
Thomas Joseph Riggsbee b. 1834-04-00



This is a black family.

Most likely he was born around 1800.

Note: I do not have hard proof that Nathaniel and Iley were his sons, but proximity and ages make me think they must be. Also note that Nathaniel named a son Raleigh.

Chatham County, 1771-1971

One of the leading Negro churches in Chatham County is Mt
Zion Baptist church in Williams Township. The pioneers of this
church were Rall Riggsbee, Jack Riggsbee, Mary Edwards, and
Dillie Edwards...

1850 census Chatham Co NC p485b
Phebby Rigsbee (f) 58 NC
William E 26 NC
Hidar D (m) 19 NC
Andrew J 20 NC
slave (m) 60 [Is this Raleigh?]
slave (f) 59 [Milly w/o Raleigh?]
slave (f) 34
slave (m) 24 [Iley?]
slave (m) 20 [Nathaniel?]
slave (m) 18 [Iley? Thomas?]
slave (f) 17
slave (f) 14
slave (m) 11 [Thomas? sb 16] [or R89 John?]
slave (f) 4
slave (f) 3
slave (f) 1

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