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Born: 1806-11-25 S Cerney, Gloucestershire England
Died: (unknown)
1. 1834-11-15 Alice Jarvis
2. Pamela (unknown)
3. Eliza (unknown)

Children of Henry Rigsby and Alice Jarvis:
Jane Rigsby b. 1835-08-30
Eliza Rigsby b. 1837-04-30
Lucy Rigsby b. 1841-10-17

Children of Henry Rigsby and Pamela (unknown):
Henry William Rigsby b. 1847-01-17

Children of Henry Rigsby and Eliza (unknown):
Alice Rigsby b. 1860-00-00
Jesse Rigsby b. 1861-00-00
Emily Rigsby b. 1864-00-00
George Rigsby b. 1866-00-00



With Alice he had a son William 1839-06-09 who apparently died young.
With Pamela he had:
William 1845-05-04 d 1846-08-31
Elizabeth 1849-02-18 d 1841-03-15
Alice Sylvia 1850-07-24 d 1850-10-27

1871 census Bibury, Gloucestershire p12
Henry Rigsby 72 Arlington, Gloucestershire
wife Eliza 53 Bibury, Gloucestershire
son Jesse 19 Arlington, Gloucestershire
son George 14 Arlington, Gloucestershire
dau Alice 11 Arlington, Gloucestershire

1861 census S Cerney, Gloucestershire
Henry Rigsby 50 Gloucestershire S Cerney
dau Alice 12 Gloucestershire S Cerney

1851 census SOUTH CERNEY, Gloucestershire
RIGSBY Henry 41 Labourer South Cerney
Pamela 41 Labourer Charlton Wilts
Eliza 13 Scholar South Cerney
Lucy 9 Scholar South Cerney
Henry 4 Scholar South Cerney

1841 census Gloucestershire
Henry Rigsby 30 Gloucestershire
Alice 25 Gloucestershire
Jane 6 Gloucestershire
Eliza 4 Gloucestershire

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