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Born: about 1813-00-00 Tennessee USA
Died: (unknown)
1. Margaret Young

Children of Thomas Rigsby and Margaret Young:
Matilda? Rigsby b. about 1836-00-00
Barnard Rigsby b. about 1838-00-00
Jane Rigsby b. about 1839-00-00
William Rigsby b. 1844-04-00
Emeline Rigsby b. about 1845-00-00
Sally Rigsby b. about 1846-00-00 d. 1916-12-17
Samuel Rigsby b. about 1851-00-00
Nancy Rigsby b. about 1854-00-00
Rachel Rigsby b. 1857-04-00



I am not sure I have this Thomas' family correct. His census records are inconsistent (or else I have mixed up two different Thomases).

He is probably closely related to Henry.

He was a laborer.

1880 census Madison Co NC p1b
Thomas Rigsbey 65 NC/NC/NC
wife Peggy 60 NC/NC/NC
dau Margret 25 NC
son Jesse 11 NC
son Wm 4 NC
dau Hester 1 NC

[I don't believe those are his children, except Margaret.]

1870 census Madison Co NC p383b
Thomas Rigsby 57 TN
Peggy 60 NC
Margret 17 NC
Nancy 16 NC
Rachael 13 NC
Mitchell 13 NC
Emiline 9 NC

1860 census Madison Co NC p348b/349a
Thomas Rigbey 45 TN
Peggy 45 NC
Tilda (f) 20 NC
Barnard 18 NC
William 16 NC
Emeline 14 NC
Jinney 12 NC
Sallie 10 NC
Samul? 8 NC
Nancy 6 NC
Margaret 4 NC
Lena 2 NC

[I think many of those ages are wrong.]
[Barney married 1856 Elizabeth Shelton or Riddle. Margaret is really their son Mitchell, and Lena is their daughter Emiline. Elizabeth died before 1860, and Barney died before 1870.]

1850 census Buncombe Co NC p300a/b
Thomas Rigsby 37 TN
Margaret 37 NC
Matilda? 14 NC
Barna? 12 NC
Jane 11 NC
William 8 NC
Emeline 6 NC
Sally 4 NC
Saml 2 TN

[Doesn't match well, but no other Thomas is close.]
[Note that Buncombe Co is next to Yancey Co.]

1840 census Yancey Co NC p276
Thomas Rigsby 1 M <5, 1 M 5-10, 1 M 20-30, 2 F <5, 1 F 20-30
[Barnard 2, x, Thomas 27, Bertha 2, Matilda 4, Margaret 27]

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