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Born: 1812-07-00 North Carolina USA
Died: 1909-01-15 Newmarket, Jefferson Co, Tennessee USA
1. 1839-10-06 Ann N Hodgens
2. 1893-07-23 Helen Bailey

Children of Henry Rigsby and Ann Hodgens:
William Harrison Rigsby b. about 1840-00-00
Cynthia E Rigsby b. about 1844-00-00
Sarah Jane Rigsby b. about 1849-00-00
Martha A Rigsby b. about 1851-00-00
Margaret Ellen Rigsby b. about 1858-00-00
Henrietta M Rigsby b. about 1861-00-00

Children of Henry Rigsby and Helen Bailey:
Henry C Rigsby b. 1891-03-22
James Oliver Rigsby b. 1895-04-02



It's pretty likely his middle name was Mitchell.
Was he a son of R06.7 James? (no, but he may be related)

married Ann in Ashe Co NC
married Helen in Jefferson Co TN

He probably is closely related to R71 Thomas.

He was a carpenter.

DNA results show that his father is not related to the other Rigsby families. Most likely Henry was an
illegitimate son of a Rigsby woman.
Interestingly, his DNA is fairly close to that of R58 John.

Henry first appears in Ashe Co NC on the 1850 census. On the page before him is an Elizabeth Rigsby
age 73 who could easily be his mother. Elizabeth was in Ashe Co for the 1840 and 1830 censuses, but
I can't find her previous to that. My guess would be that Elizabeth was a daughter of Drury, or a sister
or daughter of Luke.

I'm pretty sure this is him:

1838 Indian Removal
North Carolina Regiment

First Name Last Name Company County
Henry Rigsby J Wilkes

Appointments of U. S. Postmasters 1832-1971

Ashe Co NC
1859-02-19 Henry Rigsbee

Jefferson Co TN
1893-09-29 Henry M Rigsbee

1900 census Jefferson Co TN p126a
Henry M Rigsbee 87 1812-07 NC/NC/NC
wife Margaret 29 1870-09 4/2 TN/TN/TN
son Henry C 9 1891-03 TN
son James O 6 1894-04 TN
gdau Mary L 18 1882-01 TN/TN/TN
gson Joseph 1 1899-01 TN
boarder James Bailey

[Who are the grandchildren from? His only son from his first marriage, William, apparently died in the
Civil War.
They could be from an unmarried daughter. Or possibly William had a son before going into service, and
that son then married Mary L, had a son, and died himself. Or Mary L could be William's daughter and
Joseph her son.]
[Is their boarder related to Helen? Is she the same as Margaret?]

1880 census Jefferson Co TN p427b
Henry Rigsbee 68 NC/NC/NC
wife Ann 58 ENG/ENG/ENG
dau Cytha 28 NC
dau Jane 26 NC
dau Etta 18 NC
nep Mitchel H 15 NC/NC/NC

[Is that Mitchell s/o Thomas? probably not]

1870 census Jefferson Co TN p452/3
Henry R Rigsby 59 NC
Ann 48 ENG
Cynthia E 22 NC
Sarah J 21 NC
Martha A 18 NC
Margaret E 12 NC
Henrietta M 9 NC

1860 census Ashe Co NC p382
Henry Rigsby 47 NC
Ann 48 ENG
Cynthia 16 NC
Jane 12 NC
Martha 9 NC
Ellen 2 NC

[Jane was Sarah in 1850.]

1850 census Ashe Co NC p274a
Henry Rigsby 33 NC
Ann 29 ENG
William 10 NC
Cynthia 4 NC
Sarah 1 NC
Benjamin Head 20

[I don't know who Benjamin is.]

I don't see him anywhere on the 1840 census. He should be married, and son William should be born.

If he is Elizabeth's son, this would be them:
1830 census Ashe Co NC p2
Elizabeth Rigsby 1 M 5-10, 1 M 20-30, 2 F 20-30, 1 F 30-40, 1 F 40-50

[Henry should be 18, but the other ages are also slightly off.]

Elizabeth is on the 1840 census, but Henry isn't with her:
1840 census Ashe Co NC p36
Elizabeth Rigsby 1 F 20-30, 2 F 50-60
[Cynthia 28, Elizabeth 60ish, Sophia 55ish]

She is also on the 1850 census:
1850 census Ashe Co NC p273b/274a
Cinthia Rigsbay 38 NC
Elizabeth 73 NC
Sophia 69 NC

[I think Elizabeth and Sophia are younger than marked. Henry is on p274a.]

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