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Born: 1745-01-15 Prince William Co, Virginia USA
Died: (unknown) Kentucky USA
1. (unknown) (unknown)

Children of Drury Rigsby and (unknown) (unknown):
Thomas Rigsby b. about 1777-00-00
Lewis Rigsby b. about 1784-00-00



His pension papers say he was born in Fauquier Co VA, but it didn't exist until 1759. When Drury was born the area was in Prince William Co.

He is supposed to have died 1834 in Lawrence Co KY, but he is in Ashe Co NC on the 1830 census.
Note that Ashe Co NC is pretty close to Lawrence Co KY, though, and his son Thomas was there. He
would have been 85 in 1830, so it's not hard to imagine him going to live with a son soon afterwards.

I don't know his wife's name. I found a tree at Ancestry.com that gave her name as Acy Price, but no
other information was given for her. The tree had several errors downward from Drury, so I have my
doubts about Acy's name.

Another researcher sends that his wife may have been Ary Privett. That would be interesting, because his grandson Travis married an Ary Privett.

I don't have proof that Lewis was his son, but there is circumstantial evidence:
Note that his son Thomas married in Orange Co NC and then moved to Wilkes Co NC.
Lewis seems to have married in Chatham Co NC (next to Orange Co) and moved to Wilkes Co NC.
Also note that Thomas had a son Lewis, and Lewis had a son Thomas.

Surely he had other children. One of them may have been David.
He may have had a daughter Elizabeth who was the mother of Henry Rigsby. She is the only other
Rigsby in Ashe Co NC on the 1830 census. They are not very close to each other, though, and she
might instead be from the Chatham Co NC Rigsbees.

He may be a brother of Jesse, Travis, or William.

There was an Edward Rigsby in Prince William Co VA in the early 1700s. Is he related?

This page has:

Orange Co / Chatham Co records

Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions (1790-1794)

9 August 1790
A deed from John Morgan to Jacob Flowers Junír proved by the oath of Drury Rigsbee.

[note that John Morgan bought land from James Riggsby]

He served in the Revolutionary War.

This page has a vast amount of information on his service.

[If that site no longer exists, email me and I will send you a copy of its information.]

This page has:

A Role of Captain Isaiah Hogan, at a Sd? Muster, September 19th, 1772 - List No. 3

Cpl. James Rigsby
Travis Rigsby
Drury Rigsby

"US Pensioners 1818 - 1872"


Drury Rigsby 20/month 1833 to 1837

1830 census Ashe Co NC p37
Drury Rigsby 1 M 5-10, 1 M 80-90, 1 F 5-10, 1 F 10-15, 1 F 30-40

[The children are probably from the woman. I don't know if she is a widow of a son of Drury, or a
widowed daughter of Drury, or what.]

The census records for VA for 1790 and 1800 were destroyed in the War of 1812.
He probably appeared on them. It would be very informative to know where exactly he lived.

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