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Born: (unknown)
Died: (unknown)
1. 1776-02-02 Susannah Adams

Children of William Rigsby and Susannah Adams:
David Rigsby
Nancy Rigsby
Edward Rigsby b. about 1777-00-00
William Rigsby b. 1781-00-00
Samuel Rigsby b. 1787-00-00
Susanna Rigsby b. about 1790-00-00



He probably was born between 1750 and 1760.
He could easily be a brother of Henry.
Was he a brother of Drury?

There was a Richard Rigsby in Goochland Co VA in 1753 who easily could be William's father.

DNA shows that he is more closely related to Gavin Rigby of Duplin Co NC than to any other Rigsby line, which is very interesting.

married in Louisa Co VA

He never appears on a census.
Note that he probably lived in VA his whole life. Census records for VA from 1790 and 1800 were destroyed in the War of 1812.

Apparently he moved from Goochland Co VA to Greenbrier Co. Most of his children were married there. Greenbrier Co is now part of WV.

VA. Tax List - 1782 - 1787

Rigsby - William - Goochland Co. - 1782 - 1 - 0

[I think the numbers mean 1 poll tax (white male over 21) and no slaves.]

This page has:

Louisa County, Va. Probate Records

Book: 4, Page: 134, William Rigsby, Type: Will, Date: 28-May-1800
Wilson Adams one of the exors of William Rigsby's will dated 28 May 1800.

[I think that must be this William.]

Google Books

The Douglas Register
Being a detailed record of Births, Marriages, and Deaths together with
Other interesting notes, as kept by the Rev William Douglas from 1750 to

Rigsby, William & Susannah Adams, in Louisa 1776, Feb 2

1789 tax list Goochland Co VA p 10
William Rigsby 1000020000004 [I don't know what the numbers mean]

Hinds Site: Genealogy of Ken Hinds -- page 18513
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