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Born: 1800-00-00 Duplin Co, North Carolina USA
Died: (unknown)
1. 1825-01-00 Martha Kimmey

Children of Gavin Rigby and Martha Kimmey:
John William Rigsby b. 1825-10-15



Gavin is always listed as Rigby, but his son John is always listed as Rigsby.
He most likely was a son of William or John Rigby<.A> of early Duplin Co NC. They are listed as Rigby on
every census except 1790, when they are shown as Rigsby.

DNA shows that he is more closely related to
William Rigsby of VA than to any other Rigsby line, which is very interesting.

married in Jones Co GA

Apparently he died soon after John was born. On the 1830 census for Marion Co GA is Martha's mother
Lydia Kimmey age 60-70, with a female 40-50, a female 20-30 (probably Lydia), and a male <5 (John).

U S Army Register of Enlistments 1798 - 1914

1828-03-23 Gavin Rigsby age 28, born Duplin Co NC

Hinds Site: Genealogy of Ken Hinds -- page 16503
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