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Born: about 1806-00-00 North Carolina USA
Died: (unknown)
1. Elizabeth (unknown)

Children of Wiley Rigsby and Elizabeth (unknown):
Nancy Rigsby b. about 1839-00-00
Cynthia Caroline Rigsby b. 1842-09-28
Mary Rigsby b. about 1844-00-00
Emeline Rigsby b. about 1845-00-00
Joseph N Rigsby b. about 1849-00-00
Elizabeth M Rigsby b. about 1853-00-00
James G Rigsby b. 1856-06-00
William M Rigsby b. about 1863-00-00



The name Wiley was very common among the descendants of Allen.
Does this Wiley belong in that branch? DNA results would answer the question. If you are a male-to-male
descendant of this Wiley, please contact me at the email link below.

He was a farmer.

I think he served in the Civil War (Confederate), though he would have been over 50.
He enlisted 1863-04-13.

Georgia, Property Tax Digests, 1793-1893

Union Co, Gaddistown
Wily Rigsby 1 poll, upland 3rd 30 and 20, pine 130 and 140, tax 58 cents
Wyley Rigsby (same as above, but a separate entry on a different page)

Union Co, Hemptown
Wyley Rigsby 1 poll, upland 3rd 30 acres, pine 130 acres, tax 56 cents

1860 Polk Co TN p464
W Rigsby 56 SC
Elizabeth 40 GA
Ceutry? (f) 18 GA [Cynthia]
Nancy 17 GA [Mary]
Emaline 15 GA
Josiah 11 GA [Joseph]
E H (f) 7 GA [Elizabeth]
J G (m) 4 NC [James]

1850 census Union Co GA p210a
Wiley Rigsby 44 NC
Elizabeth 29 NC
Nancy 11 GA
Caroline 8 GA
Mary 6 GA
Emeline 5 GA
Joseph 1 GA

Hinds Site: Genealogy of Ken Hinds -- page 11834
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