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Born: 1770-00-00 Orange Co, North Carolina USA
Died: about 1861-00-00 Randolph Co, Georgia USA
1. Margaret Johnson

Children of Allen Rigsby and Margaret Johnson:
Andrew Rigsby
Samuel Rigsby b. 1798-01-12
John Rigsby b. 1799-02-22
Lewis Johnson Rigsby b. 1802-11-02
Polly Rigsby b. about 1804-00-00
Allen Jefferson Rigsby b. about 1805-00-00
Charity Rigsby b. about 1807-00-00
Wiley Taylor Rigsby b. 1809-01-07
Eliza Rigsby b. about 1815-00-00
Thomas C Rigsby b. about 1818-00-00



According to Find-a-Grave they are buried in Rocky Mount church cemetery, Randolph Co GA.

This is the Allen Rigsby whose descendants through son Lewis are traced in "Historic Georgia Families" by L W Rigsby, and "Rigsby Relatives and Related Families" by Margie Milner Boyd.

One story is that this Allen's mother was a Rigsby, and his father was Wiley Taylor. They are supposed
to have given their children the Rigsby name to carry on an estate with no sons.

DNA of a descendant of Allen does not match DNA of other Rigsbys, so it appears the theory is at least partially true.
I checked the Taylor DNA project, and Allen's descendant doesn't match any of the participants.
Several of the participants are from NC families, and one is even from a Wiley Taylor born 1814 NC.
This might mean that Allen's father wasn't a Taylor, or it might mean that no descendant of Wiley's family
is in the project.

From the L W Rigsby book:

One of his grandchildren gives Allen's full name as Allen John Rigsby.

From the Margie Boyd book:

In 1779 he was indentured to Matthew Stroud until 21 years of age.
Apparently he moved to GA soon after release from indenture.
He enlisted in 1809 in Oconee Co GA for the War of 1812. His discharge papers describe him as "fair hair, fair complexion, and blue eyes", height about 5 feet 10 inches.

He appears on tax records for Clarke Co GA in 1805 to 1808, and in Walton Co GA in 1819.

Was Matthew Stroud related to Allen?
There was a Tabitha Rigsby in Orange Co NC who had a couple of daughters out of wedlock. One of them was bound to William Stroud. Another was Charity b 1744, who easily could be Allen's mother. Note that Allen named one of his daughters Charity, and his son Samuel named a daughter Tabitha.
Matthew Stroud lived in St Joseph's district of Orange Co NC, which is where Jesse lived. Jesse was probably born in the 1740s, so Tabitha could be his aunt, or possibly oldest sister.

There's a Stroud Y-DNA project, and Allen doesn't match any of the lines they have so far.

Georgia Tax Index, 1789-1799

1796 Alen Ragsby Hancock Co, Eilands district

From the L W Rigsby book:

Heads of families coming into Pendleton Dist SC between 1800 and 1810 and leaving before 1820
were John, Wright, Daniel, and Susannah Rigsby. These were probably of the same family as Allen
Rigsby considering their association with other families which were afterwards associated with Allen
Rigsby in Georgia.

[I sure wish he had expanded on that. John is my ancestor. The two families I know John associated
with (Burton and Miller) moved to Allen Co KY with him.]

Georgia, Property Tax Digests, 1793-1893

Jackson Co, CAPT Zachariah Cook's district
Allen Rigsby 100 acres, tax 43 1/4 cents

Walton Co, CAPT Wagoner's district
Allen Rigsby tax 3/4 cent

Walton Co, CAPT Bexley's district p20/21
Allen Rigsby
Upland 3rd 90 acres, district 3, Walton Co, No 26,
granted=adams?, adjoin=Shozier?, waters=Bever Dam, tax 42 3/4 cents

1834, CAPT Russell's district
Monroe Co
Allen Rigsby (default)

from the L W Rigsby book:

Walton Co GA Deed Book F p344
Allen Rigsby deeds to Samuel G Mosley part of lot No 26 in third District of
Walton Co GA 140 acres. Consideration $500.00.

Walton Co GA Deed Book H p9
Allen Rigsby deeds to John Moate 60 acres in lot 11 in the 4th District.

1860 census Decatur Co GA p149
H Hopson household
wife Mary 50
Allen Rigsby 90

1850 census Randolph Co GA p377
Allen Rigsby 80 NC
Margaret 79 NC

1840 census Randolph Co AL p210
Allan Rigsby 1 M 70-80, 1 F 80-90
[Allen 70, Margaret 69]

1830 census Gwinnett Co GA p362
Allen Rigsby 1 M 10-15, 1 M 20-30, 1 M 50-60, 1 F 50-60
[Thomas 12, Lewis 28, Allen 60, Margaret Johnson 59]

[There should be more children at home.]

1820 census Walton Co GA p254
Allen Rigsby 1 M <10, 2 M 10-16, 1 M 16-18, 2 M 16-26, 1 M 45+, 1 F <10, 2 F 10-16, 1 F 45+
[Thomas 2, Wiley 11, Allen 15, Lewis 18, John 21, Samuel 22, Allen 50, Eliza c5, Charity 13, Polly, Margaret]

Census records for GA for 1810 and 1800 are missing. Allen was there before 1800, according to his
children's census entries.

Hinds Site: Genealogy of Ken Hinds -- page 27241
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