Elmer Zentz Genealogy

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This is my direct ancestor 3 generations back.

 / George Zentz
 / Henry Zentz|
|  \ Elizabeth Welker
Elmer Elsworth Zentz |
|  / George Bowman
 \ Mary Bowman |
 \ Mary Jones

Born: 1862-01-26 Ft Wayne, Allen Co, Indiana USA
Died: 1924-04-17 Greensburg, Kiowa Co, Kansas USA
1. 1889-12-19 Olla Orene Roberts
2. 1899-05-01 Lou Dora Carter

Children of Elmer Zentz and Olla Roberts:
Coryl Leta Zentz
Herman Cliff Zentz
Hazel Imogene Zentz

Children of Elmer Zentz and Lou Carter:
Henry Welker Zentz


married Olla in New Market, Taylor Co IA
married Lou in Lawrence Co MO
buried in Fairview cemetery, Greensburg, Kiowa Co KS

With Olla he also had a son Wade c1894 d 1896-10-05.

He is on the 1893 record of voters in Fulton Co AR.
They moved to Kiowa Co in 1901.

In 1906, on a trip to Florida to visit his father, he shot an alligator, which he had stuffed and brought home.

He was a school teacher for 13 years. He also was a telegraph operator, grocer, dry goods dealer, and
farmer at various times.

1920 Census: Kiowa Co KS p186b, Ursula twp
Elmer E Zentz 57 IN/OH/IN
wife Dora L 46 MO/IL/IL
dau Hazel E 26 AR
son Henry W 19 MO
dau-in-law Bessie R 19 KS/IL/KS
gdau Mary 1 10/12 KS
servant Albert Charbonneau 19 FRA

He is a farmer. He owns his home through a mortgage. He and his wife can read and write.
[Ursula twp was just south of the center of the county. It no longer exists.]

1915 state census Kiowa Co KS p8
E E Zentz 53 IN
Dora 43 MO
Coryl 24 AR
Herman 22 AR
Hazel 21 AR
Henry 15 MO

He is a farmer. He owns his farm free.

1910 census Kiowa Co KS p205a, Ursula twp
Elmer E Zentz 48 IN/IN/IN
wife Dora 38 MO/IL/IL
dau Cora 20 AR/IN/IA
son Herman 17 AR/IN/IA
dau Hazel 16 AR/IN/IA
son Henry 10 MO/IN/MO

He is a farmer. He owns his home through a mortgage. They have been married 12 years (his second, her first). She has had 1 child, still living.

1905 state census Kiowa Co KS p1
E E Zentz 43 IN
Dora 33 MO
Coryl 14 AR
Herman 13 AR
Hazel 11 AR
Henry 5 MO

He is a farmer. He owns his home through a mortgage. The oldest three children attended school within the year.

1900 census Lawrence Co MO p184a/b, Mount Vernon city, Center Street
Elmer E Zentz [38] 1862-01 IA/OH/IN
wife Dora 26 1874-06 MO/IL/IL
dau Coryl 9 1890-08 MO
son Herman 8 1892-08 AR
dau Hazel 6 1893-11 AR
son Henry 4/12 1900-01 MO

[There is a smudge obscuring Elmer's age.]
He is a grocer. He owns his home free. They have been married 1 year. She has had 1 child, still living.

1885 state census Taylor Co IA p146
Henry W Zentz 48 OH
wife Mary 45 IN
Elmer 23 IN

1880 census Taylor Co IA p48
H W Zentz 44 OH/PA/OH
wife Mary 40 IN/VA/Long Island
dau Clarice 20 IN
son Elmer 18 IN
m-i-l Mary Bowman 82 NY/CT/CT

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