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 / Sylvanus Hinds
 / John Hinds|
|  \ Mary Sharkey
John Henry II Hinds |
|  /
 \ Sarah Hickey |

Born: about 1832-00-00 Tennessee USA
Died: (unknown)
1. 1853-12-13 Frances Ann Redfearn
2. 1876-12-01 Mary Elizabeth McPherson

Children of John Hinds and Frances Redfearn:
Sarah S Hinds b. about 1855-00-00
Mary K Hinds b. about 1857-00-00
Nancy A Hinds b. about 1859-00-00
Lucinda Hinds b. 1861-04-03
Lilla Hinds b. 1868-03-00

Children of John Hinds and Mary McPherson:
William Crawford Hinds b. 1878-11-19
Nancy Jane Hinds b. 1881-04-24
Thomas Jefferson Hinds b. 1888-03-08


Apparently he divorced Frances Redfearn; at any rate, she married again.

This must be him:
1880 census Bledsoe Co TN p26c
John Hines 70 TN/TN/TN
wife Mary E 21 TN/TN/TN
son Crawford 2 TN
sis-in-law M McPherson 14 TN/TN/TN

Note that the age matches his father.
Did this John really die, and is his father the one who married Mary McPherson? That seems unlikely.

1870 census Hamilton Co IL p555a
John H Hinds 35 TN
Frances 43 NC
Sarah 15 TN
Mary 13 MO
Lucinda 9 IL
Lilla 2 IL

1865 IL state census, Hamilton Co p56
John H Hynes 1 M <10, 4 F <10, 1 M 30-40, 1 F 30-40
[x, Lucinda 4, Nancy 6, Mary 8, Sarah 10, John 33, Frances 34]

1860 census Hamilton Co IL p113
John H Hines 24 TN
Francis 25 SC
Sarah S 4 TN
Mary J 3 MO
Nancy A 1 IL

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