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Born: about 1847-00-00 North Carolina USA
Died: 1923-05-12 Durham Co, North Carolina USA
1. 1885-10-14 Lucy Bass

Children of Luke Rigsbee and Lucy Bass:
John Atlas Rigsbee b. about 1887-00-00
James Rigsbee b. 1890-06-01 d. 1947-10-15
Arthur Rigsbee b. about 1892-00-00
Bessie Rigsbee b. about 1894-00-00
Percy Rigsbee b. about 1895-00-00
Mildred Rigsbee b. about 1897-00-00
Roy Rigsbee b. 1902-08-12 d. 1952-10-04



This is a black family.

married in Durham Co NC

I'm not sure of that death date. There is a Durham Co death record for Luke Rigsbee on that date, but his age is given as 53. This Luke would have been about 76 then. But there wasn't another black Luke that I know of, and his wife Lucy died in Durham Co in 1919, so I think the record must be this Luke.

I'm fairly sure he was a slave of Ruffin Rigsbee.

I think the census entries below have to all be him, though the names differ. There was only one black Rigsbee of approximately the right age in Orange Co from 1860 to 1880, and he is the only match for Luke Rigsbee of Durham Co from 1900 on.

If you are a male Rigsbee descended from this Luke, please contact me using the link below.

Sons Arthur, Percy, and Roy are buried in Bass family cemetery, Durham Co NC.

1910 census Durham Co NC p31a
Luke Rigsbee 38? B NC/NC/NC
wife Lucy 38 B NC/NC/NC
son Jim 20 B NC
son Auther 18 B NC
son Percy 13 B NC
dau Mildred 12 B NC
son Roy 7 B NC

1900 census Durham Co NC p11b
Luke? Rigsbee 53 B 1847 NC/NC/NC
wife Lucy 38 B 1862 7/6 NC/NC/NC
son John 13 B 1887 NC
son James 10 B 1890 NC
son Arthur 8 B 1892 NC
dau Bessie 6 B 1894 NC
son Percy 5 B 1895 NC
dau Milly 3 B 1897 NC

[birth months were not given]

1880 census Orange Co NC p187c
Edwin Leathen household
Rettian? Riggsbee 30 B NC/NC/NC [could it say Ruffin?]

[note: it says Rettian is female, so I may be wrong about this being Luke]

1870 census Orange Co NC p208
Ruffin Riggsbee 61 NC
Edney C 36 NC
Fox (m) 23 NC B

1860 census Orange Co NC p298
Ruffin Riggsbee 50 NC
Jane Hedgefeth? 5
slave (f) 50
slave (m) 13
slave (m) 11

[He must be the older male.]

1850 census Orange Co NC p209a
Ruffin Rigsby 37 NC
slave (f) 38
slave (m) 5
slave (m) 2

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