Robert Clinkingbeard Genealogy

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This is my direct ancestor 4 generations back.

 / Robert Clinkingbeard
 / Robert Clinkingbeard|
|  \ Hannah Reed
Robert Alexander "Little Bob" Clinkingbeard |
|  / Joel Lowrance
 \ Susannah Lowrance |
 \ Anne Hughey

Born: 1846-06-06 Pulaski Co, Missouri USA
Died: 1926-12-21 Ava, Douglas Co, Missouri USA
1. 1867-09-00 Martha Park Yandell

Children of Robert Clinkingbeard and Martha Yandell:
William Robert Clinkingbeard b. 1868-08-25
James Thomas (Tom) Clinkingbeard b. 1871-12-23
Albert Newton Clinkingbeard b. 1873-07-21
George Alexander Clinkingbeard b. 1874-10-14
Cynthia Elizabeth (Belle) Clinkingbeard b. 1877-10-16
*Ida Ellen Clinkingbeard b. 1881-03-31
Ada Frances Clinkingbeard b. 1881-03-31
Julia Ann Clinkingbeard b. 1883-12-01
Laura Jane Clinkingbeard b. 1887-04-15
Effie Mae Clinkingbeard b. 1891-05-28


Served in the Union Army for 6 months November 1864- May 1865. (company I, 46th regiment of Missouri infantry)

His discharge papers describe him as 5'5", fair complexion, hazel eyes, light hair, and a farmer by occupation.

Moved to Washington briefly, where youngest daughter Effie was born.

buried in Ava City cemetery, Douglas Co MO
I have a copy of his death certificate.

BLM General Land Office records, Spokane WA land office

Whitman Co WA, serial no WASPAA 010871
Robert A Clinkingbeard 159.79 acres

1920 census Douglas Co MO p13, Ava [Benton twp]
Robert Clinkingbeard 76 MO/TN/TN
wife Martha 75 TN/TN/TN

He is not employed. He owns his home free. He and his wife can read and write.
They appear to be living in a household with a Frank Tate family. I don't know who that might be.

1910 census Douglas Co MO p183a, Benton twp
Robert A Clinkingbeard 69 MO/TN/TN
wife Martha 62 TN/NC/TN
dau Effie M 18 WA
dau Julia A 26 MO

He is a farmer. He owns his home free. They have been married 42 years. She has had 10 children, all living.
[Benton twp is in the northwest part of the county, 9 miles from the west edge and 6 miles from the north edge.]

1900 census McDonald Co MO p40, Elkhorn twp
Robert Clinkingbeard 54 MO/unk/unk
wife Martha 53 TN/NC/TN
dau Cynthia J Skaggs 23 MO
dau Ada F 19 MO
dau Ida E 19 MO
dau Julia A 17 MO
dau Laura J 13 MO
dau Effie M 9 WA

He is a farmer. He owns his home free. They have been married 33 years. She has had 10 children, all living.
[Elkhorn twp is on the north edge of the county. It is west of Richwood twp, which is the northeast corner.]

1880 census Douglas Co MO p481d, Finley twp
Robert A Clinkingbeard 33 MO/TN/blank
wife Martha 33 TN/NC/TN
son William R 11 MO
son James T 9 MO
son Abert N 8 MO
son George A 5 MO
dau Synthia J 2 MO

He is a farmer. His wife cannot read or write.
[Findley twp is on the north edge of the county, 9 miles from the west edge.]

1870 census Howell Co MO p505b, Spring Creek twp
Robert A Clinkinberg 23 MO
Martha P 23 MO
William R 1 MO

He is a farmer. His wife can read and write.
[Spring Creek twp is on the west edge of the county, just below the midline.]

1860 census Webster Co MO p136, Finley twp, Norma post office
Robert Clinkingbeard 44 IN
Hannah 43 TN
Hannah F 18 MO
Sarah E 15 MO
Robert 14 MO
John 12 MO
Joel 10 MO
Edley 6 MO
James 4 MO
Nancy 1 MO

[The part of modern Douglas Co that contains Findley twp was in 1860 part of Webster Co.]

1850 census Laclede Co MO p128, district #45
Robert E Clinkingbeard 33 TN
Susannah M 32 TN
Mahala J 13 TN
Ann M 11 TN
Martha C 9 MO
Hannah J 7 MO
Sarah E 5 MO
Robert A 3 MO
John D 2 MO
Joel N 2/12 MO

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