Aaron Willoughby Genealogy

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This is my ancestor 4 generations back.

 / John Willoughby
 / Vincent Willoughby|
|  \ Elizabeth Armstrong
Aaron Armstrong Willoughby |
|  / James Weatherspoon
 \ Elizabeth Witherspoon |
 \ Nancy Motley

Born: 1840-11-06 Gainesville, Allen Co, Kentucky USA
Died: 1872-01-11 Allen Co, Kentucky USA
1. 1865-02-02 Edney Elizabeth Motley

Children of Aaron Willoughby and Edney Motley:
William Thomas Willoughby b. 1865-11-09
*Hardy Vinson Willoughby b. 1868-11-28
Marion Armstrong Willoughby b. 1872-07-14


He and Edney are buried in the Willoughby graveyard on Willoughby Lane, between the Bailey and Settle areas of Allen County, KY

Served in the Civil War as a Private in the Union Army. He had the measles while in camp at Scottsville. A flash flood swept through the hospital tent where he was, and after that he was never a well man.

War discharge (Jan 1865) describes him as 5' 9 1/2", fair complection, blue eyes, light hair, occupation Farmer.

Aaron and Edney lived in Allen Co in a section now bordered by Hwy 101, but at that time a very secluded farm. When Aaron died in January of 1872, six-year-old Thomas was sent some 4-6 miles for help. Edney at the time was expecting her 4th child (Marion). She lived with her brother Henry and his wife until after the birth of the baby, then moved to one of the old slave houses at her mother's. In spring of 1875 or so, they moved back to their house where she saw three of her sons grow into manhood (one son having died before his father).

Source: Sledge
Note: Aaron's sister Mary married Edney's brother Zack.
married in Allen County KY by M F Ham.

They also had a son Henry E 1871-01-16 d 1871-08-09.

1870 census Allen Co KY p209a, Precinct #3, Claypools post office
Aaron A Willoughby 29
Edna E 23
William T 4
Hardy A 1
Green? W Landers 17

He is a farmer. His real estate is valued at $1000, and his personal estate at $720. He and his wife can read and write.

1860 census Allen Co KY p381, Carolina district, Scottsville post office
Elizabeth Willoughby 49 KY
J M (m) 24 KY [John]
A A (m) 19 KY [Aaron Armstrong]
M K (f) 17 KY [Mary Katherine]
H (m) 15 KY [Hardy Simeon]
H U (m) 13 KY [Hiram Euclid]
O B (m) 11 KY [Olive Bass]
S E (f) 19 KY [Cirena Emily]
M S (f) 9 KY [Matilda Susan]
F M (m) 7 KY [Francis Marion]
J E (m) 5 KY [James Ewing]

1850 census Allen Co KY p 156b:
Vincent Willougby 42 KY
E Willoughby (f) 39 KY
W W Willoughby (m) 20 KY
P J Willoughby (f) 18 KY
John M Willoughby 14 KY
E F Willoughby (f) 12 KY
D Willoughby (f) 11 KY
A A Willoughby (m) 9 KY [Aaron Armstrong]
M K Willoughby (f) 8 KY
H S Willoughby (m) 6 KY
H E Willoughby (m) 4 KY
O B Willoughby (m) 3 KY
C E Willoughby (f) 8/12 KY

1840 census Allen Co KY p71
Vincent Willoughby 2 M <5, 1 M 5-10, 1 M 30-40, 2 F <5, 2 F 5-10, 1 F 20-30
[Aaron <1, John 4, William 11, Vincent 32, Drucilla 2, Elizabeth 3, Nancy 7, Permalie 9, Elizabeth 29]
[Aaron was born in November, so shouldn't be on the census. I don't know who the other son could be, though.]

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