John Burnett Genealogy

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This is my ancestor 5 generations back.

 / Jeremiah Burnett
 / Reuben Burnett|
|  \ Elizabeth Claybrook
John Burnett |
|  / John Tuggle
 \ Nancy Tuggle |
 \ Elizabeth Harrison

Born: 1814-00-00 Wayne Co, Kentucky USA
Died: 1866-08-21 Benton Co, Arkansas USA
1. Rebecca Duncan

Children of John Burnett and Rebecca Duncan:
Louisa Burnett b. 1835-00-00
Mary Burnett b. 1837-00-00
*Nancy Burnett b. 1838-01-23
Joseph Burnett b. 1840-00-00 d. 1862-12-25
Judah Burnett b. 1841-09-07
Sarah E Burnett b. 1843-07-14
Reuben Golden Burnett b. 1845-00-00
Matilda Burnett b. 1848-11-15
Abraham Burnett b. 1850-02-15
Lucy Burnett b. 1852-12-27
Jeremiah A Burnett b. 1854-12-06


Born on Beaver Creek. Was living on Wolf River in Fentress Co TN when he married Rebecca.

Arkansas, Wills and Probate Records, 1783-1998

Whereas John Burnett of the county of Benton
died intestate, it is said, on or about the 21st day of August AD 1866,
having, at the time of his death, personal property in this state...
we do hereby appoint Rebecca Burnett
of the County of Benton Administrator of all and singular the goods and chattels,
rights and credits, which were of the said John Burnett...

this 21st day of October AD 1866

my transcription of a document on a Burnett tree at

State of Arkansas
County of Benton

I, Rebecca Burnett, do
solemnly swear to the best of my knowledge
that the estate of John Burnett, deceased,
amounts to about $1500, __ ___
the following named persons and heirs
of that estate and their residence ___, to
wit: Rebecca Burnett, Reuben Burnett,
Polly Atkinson, Sarah Mustain, Abraham
Burnett, Matilda Burnett, Lucy Burnett,
Lizzie Cogswell, Jeremiah Burnett
residing in Benton County Arkansas,
Nancy Hines and Judia Johnson reside
in McDonald County Missouri.
That the deceased died without a will.
That I will make a ___ inventory of
and I will fully administer all and
singularly his goods and chattels (rights?)
and ___ of the (deceased?) and pay his
debts as far as their assets which ___
come to hands will extend and the law
directs, and that I will account for and
pay over according to law, all assets
which shall come to my hands
on possession __ __
Rebecca Burnett (her mark)

Sworn to and subscribed before
me this 27th day of October A D 1866
J W S___

BLM General Land Office records

Benton Co AR, Fayetteville land office, serial no AR0950_.195
1854-11-15 John Burnett 40 acres
SW 1/4 of SW 1/4 of section 36, Township 21 N Range 30 W

I don't see any records for him in Johnson Co MO. He lived there for only a few years.

1860 census Benton Co AR p365, Mt Vernon twp, Pea Ridge post office
John Barnett 45 KY
Rebecca 46 TN
Louisa 26 TN
Joseph 20 MO
Juda 18 MO
Sarah 16 MO
Ruben 16 MO
Matilda 12 MO
Abraham 9 AR
Lucy 7 AR
Jeremiah 5 AR
James Cogsdell 5 MO
Nancy Cogsdell 3 AR
Mary Cogsdell 1 AR

He is a farmer.His real estate is valued at $1200, and his personal estate at $500. He and his wife can read and write.
Those last three are children of Louisa.

1850 census Benton Co AR p79a, Osage twp
John Burnett 36 KY
Rebecca 37 KY
Louisa 15 TN
Polly 13 TN [Polly is really Mary]
Mary 12 TN [this should be Nancy]
Joseph 10 MO
Judah 9 MO
Sarah 6 MO
Reuben 5 MO
Matilda 2 AR

His occupation is not given.

1840 census Johnson Co MO p1, Jefferson twp
John Burnett 1 M 0-5, 1 M 20-30, 3 F 0-5, 1 F 20-30
[Joseph just born, John 26, Nancy 2, Mary 3, Louisa 5, Rebecca 27]

1830 census Fentress Co TN p14
Reuben Burnett 1 M <5, 1 M 5-10, 1 M 15-20, 1 M 20-30, 1 M 50-60, 1 F <5, 3 F 5-10, 2 F 10-15, 1 F 15-20, 1 F 20-30
[John is 16]

Hinds Site: Genealogy of Ken Hinds -- page 1106
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