Jared Warfield Genealogy

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This is my direct ancestor 7 generations back.

 / Samuel Warfield
 / William Warfield|
|  \ Sarah Welsh
Jared W Warfield |
|  / John Ryan
 \ Susanna Ryan |
 \ Mary McCullough

Born: 1777-08-23 Maryland USA
Died: 1839-09-21 Jefferson Co, Indiana USA
1. 1803-02-26 Mary "Polly" Penn

Children of Jared Warfield and Mary Penn:
Catherine Warfield
Ann Warfield b. about 1805-00-00
John Warfield b. about 1817-00-00
Mary Warfield b. 1817-07-16
Delilah Warfield b. about 1819-00-00
*Emeline Warfield b. 1819-02-07
Emily Warfield b. 1821-06-07
Joseph P Warfield b. about 1824-00-00
James Riley Warfield b. 1826-06-00 d. 1903-01-14


buried in Canaan Cemetery, Jefferson Co IN

I am not positive that he is a son of William + Susannah, but circumstantial evidence is strong
another researcher found his will:

Warfield.Jared (Book B) 1840. Heirs:William Cooke, son of Ann Cooke:Sarah Cooke and William Cooke, Catherine Harden, late Warfield, wife of Samuel J. Harden: J.W. Littlejohn and wife: Charles Schnitzer and wife: John, Delilah, Emily, James A. and Joseph Warfield.
(Book E-486) Settlement 1841. Same heirs, but gives J.W. Warfield and wife,Mary: Charles Schnitzer and wife Emeline.

Note: Schnitger is misspelled Schnitzer. Given the handwriting of the time, reading a "g" as a "z" would be an easy error for a transcriber to make, especially since "tzer" looks more like a name ending than "tger".
Jared is on the DAR list of 1941.
The book "Warfields of Maryland" does not mention this Jared. It does have a Jarrad, son of Samuel Warfield and Sarah Welsh, who are g-grandparents of the John Warfield also buried in Canaan cemetery. That Jarrad could be the father of this Jared. Unfortunately, all the book says is that Jarrad moved to Redstone PA.
Redstone is an area in the western part of Fayette Co PA, near Brownsville.
Another researcher sends:
Joshua Warfield, author of "Warfields of Maryland", published another book titled "The Founders of Anne Arundel and Howard Counties, Maryland" with more information. The Jarrad above was actually William 'Gerald' Warfield. He married Susannah Ryan (d/o John), and lived in Augusta Co VA.
This same researcher also sends that the John Warfield who is buried in Canaan cemetery (see notes for Emeline) was born in MD and married in Henry Co KY. Could John have stopped in VA on his way to KY, and Jared have joined him?
This RootsWeb entry has William "Gerard" Warfield + Susanna Ryan. Three children are shown: Benjamin c1778 MD, Vachel c1783 MD, Mary Ann 1788-08-06 PA. William died in Augusta Co VA.

This page has:
Jefferson County IN 1816 Tax List

Warfield, Garret
Warfield, John

That's interesting since he is in KY on the 1810 and 1820 censuses.

This page of Franklin Co KY tax records for 1829-1830 shows Jarret Warfield and Vachel Warfield.
1830 census Franklin Co KY p157, Southern division
Jerad Warfield 2 M 0-5, 1 M 15-20, 1 M 50-60, 3 F 5-10, 3 F 10-15, 2 F 15-20, 2 F 20-30, 1 F 40-50
[James 4, Joseph 6, John 13?, Jared 53, Catherine?, x, Emily 9, Emeline 11, Delilah 11, Mary 13, x, x, Ann 25, x, Mary 46]

Are all of those his children?

Note that Franklin Co is next to Henry Co. Also in Franklin Co, on p150, is Vachel Warfield age 50-60.

1820 census Henry Co KY p268, New Castle twp
Jarret Warfield 1 M 0-10, 1 M 26-45, 3 M 45+, 3 F 0-10, 2 F 10-16, 1 F 16-26, 1 F 26-44
[John 3, Jared 43, x, x, x, Emeline 1, Delilah 1, Mary 3, Ann 15, x, x, Mary 36]]

1820 census Franklin Co KY p110 has Vachel Warfield.

1810 census Henry Co KY p362, twp not given
Garrett Warfield 1 M 26-45, 2 F 0-10, 1 F 26-45

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