Mary Penn Genealogy

Record modified: 2006-02-27
This is my direct ancestor 7 generations back.

 / Benjamin Penn
 / Benjamin Penn|
|  \ Dinah Acton
Mary "Polly" Penn |
|  / John Ryan
 \ Rebecca Ryan |
 \ Mary McCullough

Born: about 1784-00-00 Montgomery Co, Maryland USA
Died: (unknown)
1. 1803-02-26 Jared W Warfield

Children of Mary Penn and Jared Warfield:
Catherine Warfield
Ann Warfield b. about 1805-00-00
John Warfield b. about 1817-00-00
Mary Warfield b. 1817-07-16
Delilah Warfield b. about 1819-00-00
*Emeline Warfield b. 1819-02-07
Emily Warfield b. 1821-06-07
Joseph P Warfield b. about 1824-00-00
James Riley Warfield b. 1826-06-00 d. 1903-01-14


see this RootsWeb entry
I don't yet have hard proof that Jared's wife was Mary Penn, but:
1. Jared's sister Mary Warfield married Mary Penn's brother Ephraim Penn. Ephraim and Mary left MD for KY and ended up in IN.
2. Mary Penn married Jarrett (sic) Warfield in Bourbon Co KY. Bourbon Co is next to Henry and Franklin Cos, where my Jared was known to have lived and had children.
3. Jarrett Warfield was listed as surety for Joseph Penn's will in MD. [Maybe Mary's brother? Or uncle?]
4. Mary Penn's mother was Rebecca Ryan, sister of Jared's mother Susanna Ryan.
5. Mary's parents ended up in Franklin Co KY. Jared and his family were in Franklin Co in 1830.
6. Benjamin Jr Penn's Revolutionary pension application calls his daughter Polly Warfield.

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