Amelia Collins Genealogy

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This is my ancestor 6 generations back.

 / Thomas Collins
 / Richard Collins|
|  \ (unknown) Joyeux
Amelia Jane Collins |
|  / Roger Madison
 \ Mary Madison |
 \ Elizabeth Taliaferro

Born: 1773-00-00 Virginia USA
Died: about 1818-00-00 Allen Co, Kentucky USA
1. 1793-12-12 Mastin Williams

Children of Amelia Collins and Mastin Williams:
Frances Ann Williams
Henry Williams b. 1794-00-00
Lucinda Williams b. about 1799-00-00
Wyatt Williams b. 1801-10-12
*Narcissa N Williams b. 1803-07-30
Asberry Gaines Williams b. 1807-00-00
Richard Thomas Williams b. 1808-00-00
Edna Williams b. about 1814-00-00
Elizabeth Ann Williams b. about 1816-00-00


My original source for her (Sledge) showed her as a daughter of Richard Collins and Mary; Richard being son of Thomas and Elizabeth, and Mary being daughter of Daniel Mullins. Thomas Collins is shown as died 1752 Spotsylvania Co VA, and Daniel Mullins is shown as died before 1750, but no other dates are given. I am almost certain this is the wrong Mary.
I have found a Richard Collins who married Mary Mullins, but they were born in 1695 and about 1700 respectively, and married in 1720, and would have been in their 70s when Amy was born. This Richard is a son of Thomas and Elizabeth, and this Mary is a daughter of Daniel, and must be the family referred to in Sledge.
I think Amy's parents were actually Richard Collins b 1722 and Mary Madison. Richard and Mary were married after 1760. This Richard is a son of a Thomas b 1707 Spottsylvania Co VA.
This page has her as Amelia Jane, daughter of Richard born 1722 and Mary A Isbell Madison.
This page agrees with the above, and shows Amelia marrying Mastin Williams.
The Taliaferro Times shows Amy Collins who married Mastin Williams as descended from Roger Madison and Elizabeth Taliaferro. I forget where I got this reference, but it was probably genforum.

1810 census Charlotte Co VA p67
Mastin Williams 3 M <10, 1 M 16-26, 1 M 26-45, 3 F <10, 1 F 10-16, 1 F 26-45
[Richard 2, Asberry 3, Wyatt 9, Henry 16, Mastin 43, x, x, Narcissa 7, Lucinda 11, Amelia 37]

census records for VA for 1800 and 1790 are missing

Hinds Site: Genealogy of Ken Hinds -- page 199
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