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Born: about 1804-00-00 North Carolina USA
Died: (unknown) Orange Co, North Carolina USA
1. 1829-05-19 Nancy M Glenn

Children of Woodson Rigsby and Nancy Glenn:
Mary M Rigsby b. about 1835-00-00
Hawkins Rigsby b. about 1840-00-00
Nathaniel M Rigsby b. about 1842-00-00



He probably was born in Wake Co NC
He probably died between 1870 and 1880.

married in Orange Co NC

I would guess he is a son of Jesse O, but Jesse's pension record and his wife's will show he isn't.
Bondsman for his marriage was Archibald Rigsby. That should be either Jesse's son or R03 Archibald. Since he wasn't Jesse's son, that would seem to indicate he was s/o R03. The unusual name Archibald in both families also suggests R03 Archibald was a brother of Jesse.
He may be a brother of Henry C. They are on the same page of the 1850 census.

He was a farmer.

1870 census Orange Co NC p196
Woodson Rigsbee 60 NC
Midus? 50 NC
Hawkins 30 NC

[Who is Midus?]

1860 census Orange Co NC p195
Woodson Riggsby 57 NC
Nancy 57 NC
Mary W 23 NC
Nancy H 19 NC [this should be Hawkins]
Nathaniel 17 NC

1850 census Wake Co NC p235b
Wooton Rigsby 46 NC
Nancy 43 NC
Mary 15 NC
Hawkins (m) 10 NC
Nathaniel 8 NC

1840 census Orange Co NC p242
Woodson Rigsbee 1 M <5, 1 M 30-40, 1 F <5, 1 F 5-10, 1 F 30-40
[Hawkins <1, Woodson 37, x, Mary 5, Nancy 33]

1830 census Orange Co NC p255
Woodson Rigbery 1 M 20-30, 1 F 20-30
[Woodson 27, Nancy M Glenn 23]

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