Sarah Mallonee Genealogy

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This is my direct ancestor 5 generations back.

 / John Mallonee
 / George Mallonee|
|  \ Elizabeth Ford
Sarah Mallonee |
|  / James Caruthers
 \ Nancy Caruthers |
 \ Orpha Houston

Born: 1836-09-14 Tennessee USA
Died: (unknown)
1. George Washington Tompkins

Children of Sarah Mallonee and George Tompkins:
Mary Ann Tompkins b. 1859-04-25
Sarah Melissa Tompkins b. 1860-10-01
Angeline Josephine Tompkins b. 1862-02-16
Nancy L Tompkins b. 1863-10-21
George Washington Tompkins b. 1867-05-27
Cassandra C Tompkins b. 1869-02-13
*Nellie Margaret Tompkins b. 1873-01-31
Thomas Franklin "David" Tompkins b. 1882-03-15


A note written by her granddaughter Della McCaskey spells Sarah's last name "Mallone", and says that she was born 16 miles from Memphis TN.
The note also gives Sarah's husband as John Tompkins, which is incorrect.

1910 census Mountain Grove, Wright Co MO p200b
Nellie M McCasky 37 MO/VA/TN
son Edward F 16 MO/IN/MO
dau Sarah M 13 MO
dau Della S 12 MO
son Fred W 9 MO
son Roy W 8 MO
son Charlie E 6 MO
son John O 4 MO
son Rob F 3 MO
dau Nellie E 11/12 TX
mom Sarah Thompkins 74 TN/TN/TN
[Sarah had 8 children; 6 living in 1910]

1900 census Douglas Co MO p151b, Benton twp
Sarah Tompkins 64 1835-11 TN/TN/TN
son David T 17 1882-11 MO/VA/TN

She is a farmer. She owns her home free. She can read and write. She has had 8 children, 7 still living.
[Benton twp is in the western part of the county, 9 miles east of the western edge and 6 miles south of
the northern edge.]

1880 census Finley, Douglas Co MO p480
George W Tompkins 62 NC/unk/unk
wife Sarah 44 TN/MD/TN
dau Mary M 21 MO
dau Angeline J 18 MO
dau Nancy L 17 MO
dau Cassander C 11 MO
dau Mary M 7 MO

[The second Mary is really Nellie.]

1870 census Dallas Co MO p147
G W Thompkson 51 VA
Sarah 34 TN
John 23 MO
Frances E 17 MO
Mary M A 10 MO
Sarah M 9 MO
Angeline J 7 MO
Nancy L 6 MO
George W 3 MO
Cassander 1 MO

1860 census Douglas Co MO p851
G W Thompkins 43 VA
Sarah 23 TN
John 18 MO
William 10 MO
Benjamin 9 MO
Elizabeth F 7 MO
Mary M A 1 MO

[Note: Sarah's brother Barney is next door.]

1850 census Washington Co TN p243b
Washington Malonee 43 MD
Nancy 38 TN
John 16 TN
Elizabeth 14 TN
Sarah 14 TN
Barney 11 TN
Ruth 9 TN
James 7 TN
Thomas J 3 TN
Deborah J A 2 TN
Abram 2/12 TN
James Caruthers 54 TN

1840 census Washington Co TN p190b
George W Mallonee 1 M <5, 1 M 5-10, 1 M 10-15, 1 M 30-40, 2 F <5, 1 F 30-40
[Sarah is 4]

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