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This is my ancestor 4 generations back.

 / Benjamin Tompkins
 / George Tompkins|
|  \ Elizabeth Hampton
Nellie Margaret Tompkins |
|  / George Mallonee
 \ Sarah Mallonee |
 \ Nancy Caruthers

Born: 1873-01-31 Ava, Douglas Co, Missouri USA
Died: 1953-04-24 Fresno, Fresno Co, California USA
1. 1891-10-24 Lewis Edward "Doc" McCaskey

Children of Nellie Tompkins and Lewis McCaskey:
Edward Lewis McCaskey b. 1893-10-20
Sarah Maude McCaskey b. 1896-05-09
*Della Cyntha McCaskey b. 1897-08-14
Fred William McCaskey b. 1900-08-13
Roy Washington McCaskey b. 1902-03-08
Charles Elmer McCaskey b. 1903-08-30 d. 1982-09-04
John Orville McCaskey b. 1905-09-11
Faye Robbie McCaskey b. 1906-12-24
Nellie Eveline McCaskey b. 1909-05-13


parents from another McCaskey descendent.

The Douglas Co MO birth register has her as Nelly Thompkins in the entry for daughter Stella.

Her death certificate shows she died in Fresno CA. Her mother's maiden name is given as Mallonee.

The 1930 census has a Nellie McCaskey in Pasadena CA. She was born in 1878 in MN, parents in Austria and Germany. She has a daughter Eugenia born 1912 in UT.

Another descendant sends:
After Lewis died, she married a man with the surname Jar. They moved to W Plains MO. She divorced him and moved to Hutchinson KS about 1920.

That doesn't agree with the census entries below. I can't find any entry for her under the name Jar

A couple of her sons are in Hutchinson, Reno Co KS on the 1930 census, but I don't see her there.
They appear to have moved to KS about 1927.
Son Roy is in San Luis Obispo, Morro Co CA.

1950 census Fresno Co CA p2, Fresno, 3821 Liberty St
Paul Morehouse household
wife Nellie
mother-in-law Nellie McCaskey 77 MO

1940 census Los Angeles Co CA p1856a, Compton twp, 2224 Hatchway St
Paul Morehouse 30 VT
wife Nellie 30 TX
mother-in-law Nellie McCaskey 67 MO

She has a 6th-grade education. In 1935 she was in Kettleman, Kings Co CA.

1925 state census Reno Co KS p5
Nellie McCaskey 51 MO
son John C 20 MO
dau Robbie Fay 18 MO
dau Nellie E 17 TX

1920 census Crawford Co AR p15a, Richland twp
Mrs Nellie McCaskey 45 MO/MD/TN
son Charley E 16 MO/IN/MO
son John O 14 MO
dau Faye R 13 MO
dau Nellie E 10 TX

She is widowed. She is a farmer. She rents her home. She can read and write.

1910 census Wright Co MO p200b, Mountain Grove twp
Nellie M McCasky 37 MO/VA/TN
son Edward F 16 MO/IN/MO
dau Sarah M 13 MO
dau Della S 12 MO
son Fred W 9 MO
son Roy W 8 MO
son Charlie E 6 MO
son John O 4 MO
son Rob F 3 MO
dau Nellie E 11/12 TX
mom Sarah Thompkins 74 TN/TN/TN
[Sarah had 8 children; 6 living in 1910]

She is a farmer. She owns her home through a mortgage. She has had 9 children, all living.

1900 census Douglas Co MO p267
Lewis E McCaskey 35 IN/IN/IN
wife Nelly M 27 MO/VA/TN
son Chester S 11 MO
son Edward 6 MO
dau Maud S 4 MO
dau Della S 2 MO

1880 census Finley, Douglas Co MO p480a, Finley twp
George W Tompkins 62 NC/unk/unk
wife Sarah 44 TN/MD/TN
dau Mary M 21 MO
dau Angeline J 18 MO
dau Nancy L 17 MO
dau Cassander C 11 MO
dau Mary M 7 MO

I'm sure the second Mary is really my Nellie. I wonder why it says George was born in NC.
Nellie attended school within the year.

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