Lewis McCaskey Genealogy

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This is my ancestor 4 generations back.

 / William McCaskey
 / Jeremiah McCaskey|
|  \ Lucinda Salyers
Lewis Edward "Doc" McCaskey |
|  / Charles Schnitger
 \ Cynthia Schnitger |
 \ Emeline Warfield

Born: 1865-03-08 Marion, Grant Co, Indiana USA
Died: 1909-12-18 Tuttle, Grady Co, Oklahoma USA
1. 1887-06-11 Amanda Eveline Huffman
2. 1891-10-24 Nellie Margaret Tompkins

Children of Lewis McCaskey and Amanda Huffman:
Chester Stanley McCaskey b. 1888-07-06

Children of Lewis McCaskey and Nellie Tompkins:
Edward Lewis McCaskey b. 1893-10-20
Sarah Maude McCaskey b. 1896-05-09
*Della Cyntha McCaskey b. 1897-08-14
Fred William McCaskey b. 1900-08-13
Roy Washington McCaskey b. 1902-03-08
Charles Elmer McCaskey b. 1903-08-30 d. 1982-09-04
John Orville McCaskey b. 1905-09-11
Faye Robbie McCaskey b. 1906-12-24
Nellie Eveline McCaskey b. 1909-05-13


married Amanda in Douglas Co MO
married Nellie in Ava, Douglas Co MO
They also had:
Stella May 1892-08-02 d 1894-11-30
Estelle Gennaettie 1895-02-17 d 1895-06-28
Lewis H 1899-04-24 d 1899-08-20

Apparently he had some medical knowledge. One descendant says that he used to deliver babies in the
county. Another descendant has a book he owned with medical formulations and related information.

Name is often seen as Louis

Another descendant sends:
Lewis died while they were moving from Ava Missouri to Texas. He came down with consumption and died.

Sons John and Fred moved to Reno Co KS; son Roy moved to San Luis Obispo Co CA; son Edward moved to Sedgwick Co KS.

BLM General Land Office records, Springfield MO land office

Douglas Co MO, serial no MO5940_.206
1891-02-20 Lewis E McCaskey 160 acres
E 1/2 of SE 1/4
SW 1/4 of SE 1/4
S 1/2 of lot numbered 1 of SW 1/4
of section 18 in Township 27 N Range 15 W of 5th principal meridian in MO

1900 census Douglas Co MO p267, Finley twp
Lewis E McCaskey 35 IN/IN/IN
wife Nelly M 27 MO/VA/TN
son Chester S 11 MO
son Edward 6 MO
dau Maud S 4 MO
dau Della S 2 MO

He is a farmer. He owns his home free. He and his wife can read and write. They have been married 8 years. She has had 6 children, 3 still living.
[Findley twp is on the northern edge of the county, 9 miles east of the western edge.]

1880 census Huntington Co IN p612a, Jefferson twp
J McCaskey 45 IN/OH/KY
son Lewis E 14 IN/IN/IN
dau Emma 7 IN

1870 census Grant Co IN p89b/90a
Jeremiah Casky 34 IN
Syntha 24 IN
Charles 11 IN
Luella? 7 IN
Lewis E 4 IN

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