Elizabeth Miller Genealogy

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 / Samuel Miller|
|  \
Elizabeth Miller |
|  / William Burton
 \ Elizabeth Burton |
 \ Mary Smith

Born: about 1829-00-00 Kentucky USA
Died: 1897-03-09 Allen Co, Kentucky USA
1. 1847-04-15 Felix Green or Grundy Pruitt

Children of Elizabeth Miller and Felix Pruitt:
Amy "Millie" Pruitt b. about 1849-00-00 d. 1859-03-15
Tobias Pruitt b. 1851-12-11
Eliza Pruitt b. 1853-12-14
Jasper Pruitt b. 1855-08-21
Dolly Pruitt b. 1858-10-24
Franklin P Pruitt b. 1858-10-24
Robert Pruitt b. about 1863-00-00
Jane Pruitt b. about 1869-00-00
Lycurgus Pruitt b. 1871-01-07


Note: I am guessing that this Elizabeth was daughter of my Samuel. There is a chance that she is really daughter of the William Miller who was also in Allen Co KY.
On the 1880 census this Elizabeth's parents are shown as born in SC. The Millers in Allen Co seem to fall into two groups. One has parents from VA, the other from SC. As such, I'm guessing the SC ones are from my Samuel.
Descendants of this Elizabeth seem to marry descendants of the William Miller. Maybe the two families are related, or maybe I have this Elizabeth with the wrong father. I tend to believe the former.

1880 census Allen Co KY p138d
Felix G Prewitt 59 KY/SC/KY
wife Elizabeth 50 KY/SC/SC
son Jasper 24 KY
son Franklin P 21 KY
dau Jane 10 KY
son Lycurgus 9 KY

1870 census Allen Co KY p146b
Felix G Prewitt 49 KY
Elizabeth 40 KY
Tobias 18 KY
Eliza 16 KY
Jasper 14 KY
Franklin P 11 KY
Dolly 11 KY
Robert 7 KY
Jane 1 KY

1860 census Allen Co KY p169
Felix Pruit 39 KY
Elizabeth 29 KY
Tobias 8 KY
Eliza 6 KY
Jasper 4 KY
F P (m) 1 KY
Dolly 1 KY

1850 census Allen Co KY p168b
F G Pruit 29 KY
E 21 KY
N (f) 1 KY

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